iPhone SE (2022) camera tour + unboxing!

ACKKKK got my hands on the iPhone SE 2022! Unboxed it and looked at whats new + (of course) a camera tour and some sample shots!
The iPhone SE retails starting at USD 429.

iPhone SE camera vlog test + battery test – https://youtu.be/GpMtR1pPoQ0

*iPhone SE is a review unit from Apple

Let me know what your Qs are about this phone!

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  1. both front and rear camera has Night Mode Time Lapse according to Apple PH technical specs

  2. SE 2022 is very self contradicting. A 5G phone good for light 5G users. Regular 5G users will drain that small battery quickly. So you can use it but use little 5G.

  3. I got SE yesterday… this is what I found helpful next to iPhone 12
    One hand typing is back
    Need not to lift phone to your face to unlock
    Battery is as good as iPhone 12
    No lag
    All the new OS futures.
    Only down side is, I miss gestures from iPhone 12
    Funny part is, I bought iPhone 8 then expensive screen protector and back cover for dirt cheap (cause it’s 5 years old accessories). If you want to save on accessories, all for iPhone 8, not iPhone se 2022.

  4. Can you do a 5G Speedtest? How will it perform kaya compared to IPHONE 13 which i think has a different 5G chipset.

  5. Very beautiful presentation!! I'm waiting for your next one to work with the video.
    Have a great day!!
    Keep on shooting.
    Keep on sharing.

  6. I like to call this phone a premium Vintage phone…like a Jaguar E type from the 70’s
    I love love my 2022 SE:
    a. no notch
    b. no face id (completely do not trust this, I prefer having control)
    c. at least 2 hours better battery life
    d. camera improvements are very solid, unless you are a professional photographer
    e. A15 is lightning fast and smooth…the innards and software will last for years to come
    f. with trade in for my last SE,I am paying about 275 for this one
    g. this is not a “cheap” phone, it is super premium but at a lower cost

  7. i am thinking of buying this phone as my first apple for around 530euros when it becomes available in my country is it worth it or should i look for something else


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