Lost my iPhone 13 Pro Max……

Hello Guys,
IN this video I TOOK MY ZX10R OUT FOR A SHOOT but then I thought I lost my iPhone 13 Pro max but later found out I left it at my house.

Hope you guys enjoy the video

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  1. Till now your content and thumbnail have been on point and genuine so don’t even try to do somthn ur friend vasim does just to fool people by giving wrong titles n fooling viewers
    I love your content so just an advice 🍻

  2. The reason why i unsubscribed jsfilm was he was using clickbait like this to increase views. You should not cheat your viewers or disturb your viewers by such clickbait. Just be honest. You doing good bro! A gentle suggestion from your big fan♥️☮️

  3. Lost ? dude
    don't use such pathetic clickbait bro if someone report it you will be in trouble..
    plus I didn't watch your entire video,I was searching kaha gira phone..
    just giving advice, not hater.. Love your content ♥️

  4. I just love watching your vlogs and i love the way you ride mira she is gorgeous and mehul sir plz try to put regular vlogs in dec i don"t have a super bike but i get the fun the vibes by watching your moto vlogs keep going and thanku for entertaining us

  5. I got the white iPhone 13 pro max in silver 128gb and uploaded an unboxing video on my channel too! I also did an unboxing of the spigen clear glitter case. great clear case without adding more width/weight to the phone. The iPhone 13 pro max is a great phone.

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