Apple Watch Series 6 vs 5: Real Differences after 1 week

I’ve been using the Apple Watch Series 6 for 1 week and I’ve found quite a few interesting differences compared to my old Series 5 that Apple didn’t mention at their event..
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The Apple Watch Series 6 doesn’t have very many improvements over the Series 5, but there are some interesting differences that you don’t see on the spec sheet.

For example, I have some very interesting findings in terms of the battery life and usability.

I also talk about the performance differences and other things like that.

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  1. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to get anything other than the 6 at this point. The 6 has O2 sensor, truly 24H battery life and always on display not to mention U1 chip plus a new Processor. You will love it once you start messing with the complications and tweak them for your daily needs.

  2. Ladies And Gentlemen The 5 & 6 is the same but I’ll say keep your series 5 if You Have a 0 1,2,3,4 Yeah Upgrade But The 6 Is Slightly Better But Its The Same As The Series 5 Your Best Choice Is 5,6, & 3! They All Do The Same

  3. I got my first Apple Watch and It is a Series 6. I love it! I expected to use some functions, but it really exceeded my expectations. I have been moving more and I feel really motivated to fill my rings. Great decission.

  4. The biggest difference for me is the battery life. I charge my S5 before I sleep (20%) around 10PM but with S6 I can still use it until 7AM with 30% battery

  5. If you have a series 5, it would be a absolute waste of money (unless need the blood oxygen option). The series 5 is beast!

  6. Upgraded from a 44mm Series 5 to a 44mm series 6. Huge improvement in the battery after a week and I think I'm going to keep it.

  7. So I can get a S5 Stainless Steel @499 from BestBuy or a S6 Aluminium @399. Which one would you prefer? I don’t mind the new features in S6 so not having an oxymeter or altimeter isn’t an issue.

  8. I bought my Apple Watch from Best Buy can I return my sport band to Apple store to exchange to a braided band with $50 discount?

  9. Really happy with the series 6 after giving up my Garmin Fenix 5 (missed the notifications and I like being able to quickly reply if I'm at work and cant quickly get to my mobile) the battery life has been great and I simply top it up on a morning before heading off to work. Hope Apple add more info to the Sleep tracking function but I'm happy even if they don't. Stay safe everyone, best wishes P.

  10. I upgraded from S3 to a used stainless steel S5 that I got for $360. Easy decision over the S6. If I need a blood oxygen reading Ill buy a $25 finger sensor on Amazon and it will be more accurate anyway

  11. I have the series 5 and ima be the honest guy here. The 6 isn't offering jack for me to upgrade. my watch last my whole 12 hour shift at around 70% without always on and with always on then it's around 45%. So battery isn't a issue either. I would say upgrade if you have a series 3 but not if you have the 5!

  12. I came from the S4 to the S6. First thing I did was turn off the always on display. Fell in love with sleep mode (I’ve been using theater mode for years in bed). Just those 2 things – 48 hours between charges (when I don’t exercise – not tough at the moment).

  13. Tip, turn off raise to wake and keep AOD on. Saves battery for me and doesn’t turn super bright when I raise my wrist 👍🏾

  14. Sir please donate me an ipad i need it very badly.I'm a big fan of Maxtech.I watch your every single video.Please sir donate me an ipad😢😢.May god bless you

  15. I was thinking of upgrading from my series 5 but it’s not worth it. So It’s a no for me this year 😂

  16. OMG, you act like it burns your soul that you have to elevate your wrist for the watch face to illuminate 100%.

  17. Haptics have always been stronger on aluminum than on stainless steel because of how much lighter the case is.

  18. I am seriously impressed this guy ends the day with 10% battery. What do you do on your watch to drain it that much? Are you streaming video to that tiny screen or what? With my Series 5 watch I end the day on about 45% with always on display on. It's crazy to me you can drain it that much!

  19. I jumped from Series 1 38mm to Series 6 44m, and 1.) I've never had Blood Oxygen fail, and I'm pretty impressed with frequency it happens in background. I was expecting only a couple times a day. 2.) I'm actually unhappy with how unresponsive it is to wrist movements compares to Series 1. If I'm in bed it is an exercise to get it on without tapping. When not, it is what i should be. But it is a notch below in responsiveness for me.

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