iOS 15 Battery Saving Tips That Really Work On iPhone

David & David talk about thirteen iOS 15 battery saving tips that really work on your iPhone! There are some new settings and some old ones that have a way of reseting after major iOS updates.

These tips will help improve your iPhone’s battery life and fix the problem if it’s draining too quickly.

1. Introduction [0:00]
2. Turn On Optimized Battery Charging [0:10]
3. Close Out Your Apps [0:30]
4. Let Apple Improve Their Own Products [1:27]
5. Turn Off Unnecessary Locations Services [1:51]
6. Be Selective With System Services [2:42]
7. Turn Off Sensor & Usage Data Collection [4:36]
8. Turn Off Push Mail [4:54]
9. Be Careful With Background App Refresh [6:12]
10. Turn On Reduce Motion [7:13]
11. Turn On Reduce White Point [8:00]
12. Turn On Dark Mode [8:54]
13. Update iOS [9:26]
14. Restart Your iPhone Weekly [9:42]

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  1. Ahh.. number 2 is so wrong. It’s not about the apps always running perfectly.. sure, some may misbehave and drain unnecessarily—rarely. It’s still a HUGE net loss on battery to close all the apps you use and then proceed to reopen these apps when you go to use them again. Especially being a power user that would cycle through apps hundreds of times a day.

  2. I just "updated to iOS 15," and after all the rigmarole and downtime it says "Your phone's been updated to 14.8." It wouldn't let me (iPhone 11). Went through your list again and found some things turned back on.

  3. Thanks, great video. My doubts are with tip #3, where you guys advise to close opened apps to save up battery. If you do that, then whenever you have to open those apps, the iPhone will have to reload them from scratch instead of opening in the state you left it (since as Apple says, it's on "standby mode"), draining more battery in the process. About BG opened apps, Apple states "After you switch to a different app, some apps run for a short period of time before they're set to a suspended state. Apps that are in a suspended state aren’t actively in use, open, or taking up system resources." meaning these apps won't be actually running in the Background and therefor draining the phone's battery.

    But am I wrong? And why?

  4. Hi D&D! Question: even no background app refresh on Google Maps/Maps and on weather apps? 🤔 What about a Corona App? Must that not be always on top of things? 🧐

  5. Turning off the significant locations feature renders the Optimised Battery charging useless as it requires it to be turned on

  6. Hello Payette Forward – a lot of convo online about significant locations being tied to “ optimize battery” setting and that optimize will not work if Significant locations is off even though the optimize toggle stays green….. any thoughts on this?

  7. wow these are one of the most efficiently impacting tips/tutorial i’ve followed!
    battery life is much more lasting throughout the day. 🙌

  8. Is it true Optimized battery charging won’t work without System Customization and Significant Locations on? Mine doesn’t seem to work with these setting turned off and Apple even says they need to be enabled for it to work properly

  9. Aftr update ios 15.0.1 my iphone xs max battery dropped 100% to 95% and now after 2days 93% really disappointed

  10. Any reason why my new phone battery goes down say 3-5 % without use but my old iphone 8 barely goes down without use?

  11. I did all these things, turn things on, turn some things off and now my phone is so laggy, has to take a second before it opens the app. Is this normal?

  12. Thanks for this nice video and a quick question guys, i turned on Find my iPhone and Networking & Wireless options under system services location, as you guys recommended and they keep using my location for hours. Is it normal? Or is smth goin wrong? Those options have always been on but still it hasnt been like this until the latest updates.

  13. Got a question folks. I have about three apps that will buffer a long time before it comes up and sometimes they won’t come up at all. What can I do to fix the problem

  14. K this video helped learn allot. One thing I have to correct. Turning down brightness does help with battery but though I love dark mode it uses more battery. Let me explain why.
    A screen has two layer light and image. The image blocks the light. A dark screen is a fully charged screen and a light screen is the same back light with a non.fully charged screen. Less pixels charged the less power used. I actually argued with apple about this when they went all white. They explained to me that the all white used less batter as was less pixels charged. So I looked it up. Turned out they were right. :). Now backlight brightness does make a difference

  15. I have an iPhone 6S. I did your battery tips and it seems my battery goes down faster instead of making it better. Any ideas why?

  16. Disabling significant locations prevents optimised battery charging working. Some pretty terrible information in this video.

  17. GREAT VIDEO!!!! Super helpful information guys! Do you have something similar for the Apple Watch? After just one year my battery life is down to about 12-14 hours! It used to go days. Has to be a setting right?

  18. I’m so glad u are saying close your apps cus so many ppl say u shouldnt do this i always do this at night

  19. Many times when I use a map app such as waze, I get a message at the top in red that my gps isn’t available. When I click on Apple Maps, it is suddenly ok. What’s up with that? Thanks for all of your helpful tips

  20. Hello. How can I take out many videos from my sons iPad into a har drive. The iPad is two generations old. Thank you

  21. I am unable to get the app to reduce in size by tapping on the bottom and sliding up like he does. I have an iPhone 6s. Is it that it doesn't work on the 6s, or do I maybe have a setting wrong somewhere? The home key works just fine, but he said not to use the home key. What should I do? Any hints or help?

  22. By doing this is my iPhone protected by hackers or tracking and scammers??? I upgraded my iPhone software to iOS 15.0




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