AMD vs Intel | Which processor is Best and Powerful | In tamil | 50 th Video | Triple Act

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This video explains about the differences between intel and amd processor.

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Done in my style of double and triple act.

Explained by Bala Saravanan as a creator and user I have shared my experiences in this video.

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  1. Very nice information bro… its really helpful to me… but i have websurff about that cross license agreement of AMD and Intel patend rights…. some amount Intel to pay AMD..that why costly soninga la.. could you please send me the URL stuff in internet??? i just want to read that.. i cont get .. that's why asking bro… thanks in advance… keep rocking

  2. Bro for normal use and for online video class entha laptop nalathu link pls below 40000

  3. Inna seidharai oruthal avar nana
    Nannayam seidhu vidal… Great to hear thirukkural in your video.

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