Polestar 2 Vs Tesla Model 3: Electric Car SHOWDOWN | 4K

Which is the best electric car on sale today? Tesla Model 3? Polestar 2? Rory Reid reviews both, back to back to see which offers the best performance, interior, range, tech and more.

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  1. Just ordered a polestar with all the packs. Can't wait to get it. Test drove it and loved it. Wouldn't buy a tesla as they are everywhere and the interior for me is so bland

  2. Polestar is a hatchback (which we want) Model 3 stupidly isnt. And it looks like the model Y is going to be expensive when it hits Europe — WTF !

  3. Hold up, the Polestar is a hatchback/fasthback and the Tesla is a saloon, and he concluded that the Tesla is more practical? As someone who drives a saloon, doesn't matter how big your boot is in terms of volume if you can't fit what you need into the opening. Saloons will always be the less practical option.

  4. 60 is the National speed limit, even on the road at 6.06 mark 20 was stamped on the road. Driving in UK towns is a joke at 20 speed limits. New standard test should be 0-20 🤢

  5. @7:20 hey i don't really have a negative thing to say about the Tesla so I am going to pretend that it's very difficult to close the trunk…. BS

  6. Side you need to try weed it Will take away this nerve shakes from hands in long run much safer than pulling the steering.

  7. Polestar 2 is actually a transition car. Volvo/Polestar are showing their from-the-ground-up-no-compromise EVs, dedicated EVs, in their concept cars, the Concept Recharge and Precept, respectively. The P2 shares its overall design with an ICE vehicle (Volvo XC40) so given that, it actually does OK. But the Polestar 3 should not have the compromises that the 2 has.

    Of course, Tesla has the EV parts totally sorted out. That they have the handling down so well is impressive.

  8. Tesla definetely has Polestar beat with range and how fast (speed), but Polestar quality vs Tesla Quality. Come on now you can't beat Poletar for quality and feel.

  9. It has "similar" blah blah blah blah blah…

    Notice he didn't even say,

    "Identical", "Superior", or "Better"!!!


    Terd on wheels alert!!!

  10. i live just 5 miles from a hydrogen charging point. i have just ordered a Toyota Mirai.. You can stuff your EVs.

  11. Granted I haven't seen the Polestar in person yet, but the shape instantly reminded me of an old AMC Hornet…Anyone else?

  12. Please have your editor cut out the audio of you saying 'Ok Google'. Very annoying to have my Google home loudly shouting out facts to try and answer your on screen queries.

  13. the polestar looks like from the present, the Tesla looks like it's from the future. I hate when manufacturers put fake grills on cars, Tesla doesn't and that's why Teslas look so much better than anything else

    Also, FYI if you're watching, all Teslas have a power lift gate as standard now

  14. While car manufacturers are starting to compete with Tesla. Tesla is not a car manufacturer it’s a shop you will never beat them there

  15. Raining in the UK. Now that’s a surprise.

    Kidding aside, great piece. Fantastic presentation. Thanks for the post.

  16. Polestar is under Chinese interest Controlled by the Chinese Communist Party despite its efforts to make us forget this fact. A totalitarian regime that violates human rights and making a genocide by the hundreds of thousands right now that you are reading this and all of their efforts are focused on stealing technology from other countries. Recently if you dare to criticize China It will threaten you with its nuclear bombs as it is currently doing with Japan. the first question to ask is, do you want to encourage and support all of this by buying this car?

  17. You need to update this comparison video as now the model3 has an automatic trunk and a heated steering wheel.

  18. The Polestar all fine and sexy until you turn on the turn signal.. Such a cheap sound, I laughed my ass off when test driving. 😀

  19. Its price is about the same as Tesla performance model Y, but it is inferior in about every key metric: range (70 miles less), acceleration (a second slower for 0-60 miles/hr), auto pilot (Tesla leads), breaking (as shown in the video), supercharging network (Tesla wins big), entertainment, storage space (model Y is very spatious). Besides, model Y has power lift, the same as Polestar 2.

  20. 7:28 ….😅😅😅 Tesla needs to work on power tailgate and stearing wheel design and control buttons in that…in all Tesla models.

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