The Google Pixel 6 will FAIL – RANT

The Google Pixel 6 will FAIL – RANT

I am a Google and Pixel 6 fan, I have used every Google Pixel and they’re fantasic. I still feel like theres a lot of potentail with the Pixel lineup but they need to adjust their strategy. Did you pickup a new Google Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro? What do you think?

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  1. Point is Samsung and Apple have been established for years, and have repeat customers. I've been on Samsung since note 4 problem free, why am all of a sudden just upping and switching when I have something that works just fine, and I'm familiar with?

  2. The long-term strategy is to keep development of android and ai. The phones are just test products.
    If Samsung start using something totally different os the Google probably will do an "iphone, apple" on the world.

  3. Some of Googles commercials / advertising is focused a lot on their cameras. It seems to be structured to reach a widely diverse audience, claiming that the skin tones are more natural than any other smartphone. That in itself is a pretty good way to turn some heads and peak one’s interest. Also, offering 5 years support, which is 2 years longer than that of Oneplus and Samsung. Then the cherry on top is a price starting at $599.00, which is cheaper than the base model iPhone 13, and S21 is a no brainer even for those who are not tech enthusiast. This is Googles real first attempt at going it completely alone, and the first time that they actually tried to make a “flagship” smartphone. The pixels before were shrouded by Qualcomms chipset, thus not allowing Google the freedom to do everything that they wanted to do. I think that their updates will probably bring more exciting things to the table than Apples updates. I believe that in a few years from now we will see a complete ecosystem built around Google, just as Apple. And let’s face it, if anybody can “slay the beast” (Apple) than it would be Google. The device just came out a month ago, and I too like many others have built very tall Apple walls around me, and want to switch, but asking where is the smart watch, where is the pods, etc. But I think it is important to remember, Google just started, while Apple has had 13 years! Which, when you think about it is kinda sad on Apples part, as they should be blowing the Pixel out of the water. I admire what Google has done and am excited to see what the future holds for the Pixel and their devices. ❤️

  4. I am switching from my iPhone XR to Pixel 6 (arriving tomorrow). My main reason was I am already pretty big on their ecosystem with google home, google one, youtube premium, google assistant, google smart displays, and their apps. I also heard they optimized the camera for Snapchat and Instagram which was pretty big to me. So you could say I was already pretty deep in their system and them releasing a good-priced flagship tipped me to their side.

    Additionally, sometimes my iPhone can feel boring. When I was younger I had cheap Samsungs and they were just a lot more fun. However, my iPhone has been super reliable as a phone. A great phone for my grandma or people who are not very tech-savvy. Also, I didn't get Samsung because I don't like how One UI looks (It looks like toy icons (My opinion)) and it is a little pricey for a college student like me.

    I think Google is still primarily focused on software and is not super concerned with making big pixel sales. So as a result they can remain targetted to a niche market like me who likes stock android.

  5. I pre-ordered the Barely Black or whatever it's called from (Verizon) on the 10/20… delivery 11/9. It's 11/9 & it's not here. It's not even shipped. Com'on.. The flip side. They hit the market perfectly. People wanted a good phone at less than $1000. Google delivered. They are on backorder and they are selling a ton of these.

  6. Is the point of this to be controversial on a current tech topic just because you know this kind of nonsense gets views? Goodluck with that long term.

  7. I buy pixels phone because of the camera , most u tube reviewers have a pixel in there pocket for the cameras , they take great photo s , second I buy them because there dependable , I haven't had a problem with there hardware . There software is good , easy to use . The pixel 6 will be hit , because of price , camera , and dependability .

  8. I think your video is very American centered. If you decide to look outside of the US bubble. People are buying everything as they are not locked to iOS or only know Apple and Samsung. The Pixel 6 has everything an average user needs and more

  9. Google should have made the push to compete for the high end for the pixel 3, back when Google had the objectively better camera.

    As a iphone and pixel user I've had more iphones (currently using 12 pro) buy I'm definitely switching to the pixel 6 at tax time.

    I think Google software is ahead of apple, in a lot of ways iOS feels old and behind. Although it is consistently rock solid which does help bolster it greatly.

  10. Switched from the Galaxy S21 to the pixel 6. Very pleased with it so far. I'm glad I got it when I did because it's on back order at most places now.

  11. Alot of people like Google software, but I actually don't, I prefer samsung one way more, I think Samsung is way better than Google, in many ways, Samsung has a very good and decent eco system that Google doesn't have. Samsung is way more premium too

  12. I switched over from iphone 12 pro max feels good honestly makes a lot more sense it feels like a smart device that connects so widely to my daily activities not tied down to apple eco on stuff feel a lot more intuitive in the sense of not having to use any apple propetiary products to experience it idk just rambling

  13. I with you on the full os updates, I care more about that than security updates. 3 years is not enough on Android and should at least 5 full os updates instead.

  14. Am I the only one thinking how other phones just say spam caller and I just don't answer. Honestly a pure Google experience really for me at least doesn't enhance my experience an use case with my phone. Currently a z fold 2 daily driver and honestly the Samsung ads are coupons that I might actually use. The duplicate apps you can choose to Uninstall or use the Google version of the app. The pixel will thrive because it pushes better voice dictation and has a following that has been waiting for a device like this. Android updates aren't exciting anymore tbh like it's a color palete update to me. One thing IOS has done to me is have me notice when an update is primarily a visual one. It's fine because android as a OS has matured and it's good to see Google at least releasing exclusive features on the pixel.

  15. a lot can happen in 3 years, and to promise updates past that could screw them if it is not compatible with that hardware. That is why security updates are a safer bet for them. Only issue I had is pixel 3 fingerprints was rubbish for me.

  16. The Pixel phone for me is the literal too little too late. I have had the 2xl and the 4xl and my wife had the 3 and the 5. And they lost me big time on this phone. My wife needs a phone that's more one handed but with flagship like performance. The 6 is way too big for my wife's hands along with a few other minor annoyances. The Pixel 6 pro just wasn't impressive to me. Battery was average and the photos are seriously no longer class leading the way they were for the Pixel 1,2,3,4. Updates for only 3 years really was underwhelming. And part of the reason why some android phones seem to be useless in what seems to be no time compared to an iPhone. I see people still rocking a 6s just fine! After some careful consideration we decided to get the iPhone 13 Pro 256gb simply because we could get a consistent phone experience great battery life and awesome support. I've been happy with my purchase and I'm not looking back. I also wish all my pixel fam the best and hope that it gets better. But im sorry y'all this pixel generation just is not it!

  17. …Brendan Fraser does the tech thinkpieces now? Word. 👍🏿

    But this seems more than a bit presumptuous. Who said Google is trying to sell as many phones as Samsung and Apple? They can't really fail at a thing they're not trying to do…

    All we know for sure about Google's intention for Pixel is that they want it to be the benchmark of standard bearer of Android. They don't need 300m sales for that.

    Google's sacred cow is ad revenue, along with information. All of Android produces value for Google.

  18. The three year updates seems kinda crap, but I'm wondering if weve lost aptx and aptx hd forever because the switch to tensor

  19. How many years are we giving excuses? Boom… The throw it against the wall and see if it sticks, Google approach is a turn off for me. The inconsistency from year to year is ridiculous.
    Google has rested on their laurel of a good camera, when in reality in 2021 other OEMS Cameras are better in instances than the Pixel camera.
    I’m still mad that at $900 Google used a cheap optical fingerprint sensor. $900 isn’t cheap and they still skimped on using top not tech. The $600 Pixel 6 makes the $900 6 Pro a very hard sell.

  20. This was fairly well informed and I liked everything but the clickbait title. Granted it did work. Came to get angry then found myself pleasantly surprised when you voiced all my concerns with the device.

  21. Pixels historically get better with time and software updates. Not saying anyone should buy tech on what it might do tomorrow. That's just been my experience. My Pixel 6 will be here Monday. 😀

  22. Camera is not that good, lies with the new processor that sucks more then exynos, i see this 6 pro maybe a mid ranger. I'm quite sad, i wanted to buy this.. Can't buy Samsung bcz that exynos suck.. Huawei is dead, so maybe xiaomi?

  23. I've used iPhone, OnePlus, Samsung and now the pixel 6 pro and one thing I can say is Google nails the basics pretty damn well and I think that comes down to the fact that the pixel's version of Android is the cleanest version of Android that you can get. its like using a clean install of windows instead of a pre-built version with tons of bloatware and the manufacturer trying to force you to use their version of key apps. The pixel is just the one phone that I haven't had to fight with to use my preferred apps when I initially set up my phone. Samsung, for example, always has notifications and pop-ups trying to get me to use Samsung pay or Samsung pass or other Samsung apps that Google already has and is integrated into my Google account

  24. Hold on…, Almost every iphone user wants exactly what you're questioning. Updates, camera, and clean software. And basically every iphone user is a "normal" user. Such a weird way to look at this.

  25. The MAIN problem is supply. I don't care about the chip shortage, the phones shouldn't be so backordered that a user who pre-orders a phone don't get the phone until 3-4 weeks after the phone launches.

  26. Nice vid. Well, I really don't know. I can't explain why I prefer my Pixel 3XL over an iPhone or Samsung. I can't explain why the any new Pixel will be my first option when changing my device. Maybe other people using iPhones or Samsung devices feel similar. There is nothing on a Samsung phone that is enough for me to switch; there is even less on an iPhone… And I am pretty sure most iPhone user will say the same.
    It will not be any easy to make people change to Google unless a bad experience comes along with the competition. In fact people having bad experiences with budget or mid range Android switch to iPhone (all are top hardware/software) to never go back.

  27. I'm getting an "upgrade" from the 20 note ultra to the 6 pro. Hopefully i don't regret it. I definitely wont miss the pen.

  28. Keeping it at three years of updates really annoyed me. For the longest time, they put the blame for not being able to update longer on qualcom but now that they have their own chip, it's not any better. I also really wish google would have a desktop mode like samsung does, but they won't even give us video output.

  29. I have a week old Pixel 6. The Google assistant doesn't work, it keeps shutting down and I can't find a good case for it. I wish it was smaller. I liked the size of the 4.

  30. As someone whose been with both Apple and Android here's my perspective. I just bought my first ever pixel phone two months ago, I got the 5a which was a quiet release by the way and not hyped up like the 6 was. All my Android phones have been samsung or hawia not sure if I'm spelling it right. As someone who had an iPhone 5 followed by a hawia phone then transitioned to the galaxy S8 to the A51. I bought a pixel for the user experience of comparison to see what stock android could be like. If samsung stayed in a affordable range I'd stick with them. What I love about samsung is the fact they are always innovating new features. What I don't like about them at the same time is the fact they've thrown a new model for every price bracket. Yes it's good for a comparison. Such as this is what you can get for a budget 200 phone a midrange 500 phone then. The entry fe to the basic s series models. What Google has going for them in my opinion is the fact they are still a mobile under dog. They haven't focused as much on a phone as much as they have on other products. The six for them is a teaser. It let's them see which way do we go at this cross read. Do we still cater to our minimalistic budget market or do we go big into the competitive space. The fact they are able to do whatever they do with the 6 and 6 pro for the prices you get despite a global chip shortage makes one need to think. I didn't wait for the 6 over the 5a because I knew everything will be new. New processor, new AI, new camera setup. It's going to be bugged until Google figures out how to fix things over the months. I'm throughly enjoying the 5a for the camera and basic Android experience. Sure you won't get a fast processor or a 90 to 120 display but don't care about that. I just want a phone that can handle media consumption, allow me to take decent photos during the day or night and doesn't break the bank. And I found it with the 5a. Phones are getting out of the question price for not offering much than the previous years models. This is why I hate Apple. The 13 to 12 outside of the pro Max's aren't much different. Yet they retain their consumer base. We are in a consumer driven market. I'm sure after the launch and Holliday sales Google marketing and research Teams will be reviewing the sales, data,ect.

  31. Something is happening.. because I was out and about minding my business and this random guy like was how's the phone and it threw me off for a second but then I responded Oh it's great he was like yeah I'm still waiting on mine. Then in the same day the guy at the Starbucks register had a pixel 6 too…. I have had pixels for years now but I'm telling you people are starting to catch on… And honestly I don't have any problems with my Pixel 6 pro.

  32. love the no-bloat/camera/software updates n ordered the pro for that exact reason after my 2xl took a shit on me, but they bout to lose me as a consumer with these January 2022 arrival dates 🤬🤬 rlly bout to be without a phone for 3 months now 💀


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