Top 7 Apps for Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus

Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus (2018)

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Beautiful dynamic colorful live homescreen wallpaper with customization & personalization options. witness colorful lines dancing smoothly on the Galaxy S9/S9 Plus AMOLED Display. Very bright and stunningly vivid.

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Beautiful glazed wallpapers look that makes use of the AMOLED display. The free version gives you access to 91 bright & colorful metallic liquid wallpapers that look stunning on your Galaxy S9 or the S9 plus. These are cloud based and it doesn’t let you download the wallpaper, but you can directly set the wallpaper from within the app.

However, if you want more than 220 such wallpapers with the ability to download them as well – you can head to the playstore and pay $1.49 for the pro version for more categories and you get wallpapers that are specifically made for 18.5:9 display ratio which is perfect for your Galaxy S9.

Samsung Car Mode:

Gives access to the most important & critical apps and lays them out in a way that makes it super easy for you to interact with even while driving. Even within apps like Music, the interface has been made larger so that you are able to identify content quickly and not distract you for long. Your incoming messages would be read out to you and you can send messages or replies using just your voice leading to a completely handsfree experience. The same applies to calling as well-just tap the phone icon and say the name of the person you want to call to. You can even accept and reject calls using voice commands. Overall, it’s a great car companion app to have if you use your smartphone a lot especially during navigation while driving.

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If you copy a phone number, it instantly gives you contextual actions you can do right after you copy it from your notification panel directly – such as call or add to contacts. Or you could just share it with someone.

If you copy an email address, you get an instant action of email – while you could still do other things with the email ID you copied.

Navbar Animations
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Every time you tap the home button, you are going to get a fancy animation in the nav bar background. You can set what kind of animation you want and also set the color of that animation depending on what goes well with the wallpaper background.

Cake Browser
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A browser that searches across search websites, shopping websites, image websites, video websites & news websites for whatever you search.

Imeediately, contextualizes your search and gives you a tabbed view of your search results across the most known, popular and frequently visited websites.

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An app that keeps you updated with everything there is to know about your Galaxy S9. Be it the best apps & games for your smartphone, latest news regarding updates for the galaxy S9 form around the world & even tips and tricks – all of that in just one app.
All content is curated especially for the device in your hand and you are on top of everything there is to know about your smartphone.

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