Fix Battery Drain & iPhone Overheating on iOS 13 – (5 Pro Tips)

In this video im showing you top 5 pro tips for a better battery life on iOS 13 and this will also reduce your devices overheating , tweaking those settings wont affect your device’s performance and user experience but it will improve battery life from 1 to 3 hours like the example i showed in my video with the usage times from yesterday and today and the battery consumption !
So i hope this helps you a little with your problems.

Comment if you have any questions ⤵️

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  1. Man you have a 98% battery health and you charge it 3 times a day and can only hold up to 9 h ? Mine is 84% I charge only at night and my phone can go up to 7 or more h if I don’t use games and low save power mode doesn’t effect that way it just turnes off what draines battery if you close them and use normal battery it will work the same as with save power mode if my phone is charged the way yours is it can hold up to 11 h and is only 84% that proves battery health is bullshit

  2. Before watching this my battery was 59%
    And during the video my battry 46%😂😂
    Due to the battery in the showed video😂
    How many of you get this?😂😂😂

  3. this is amazing thank you so much i have an iphone 7 in black and like it was taking so much of my storage like wowww ios 13 is like killing our phones but now i done all of these steps hopefully my phone wont overheat thank you

  4. Wow this actually helped. Man you are a life savior. You should be promoted to the top of apple support my man. Great job. Please do more ios 13 updates like these.

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  6. My xs max turned on everything you say and batery can be all day , but my 11 pro max when i using camera drain faster like xs max

  7. Preventing is better than cure…dont update if you have older iphone. XS max earlier no problemo you can update all day long

  8. But I don't want to disable those settings. I want them to work. I want to have my apps working and sync in a background. Otherwise I would use dumb phone with long battery life.

  9. The 1st tip solved everything, the second I turned that off the iPhone started to cool. It was almost magic. Thanks a lot. I was really worried.




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