Aliens: Fireteam – Official Release Date, New Trailer, & Title Change?

The new Aliens game is now titled ALIENS: FIRETEAM ELITE. I take a look at the new trailer and some of the pre-order perks offered – as well as a mysterious new xenomorph briefly showcased.


ELLEN RIPLEY TIER OF EXCELLENCE: Lady Anne ^^ö^^(Jessica M Kandal, PhD)
QUEENS: Ronni Jensen, Alyssane, Jackson roesch
WARRIORS: Kurt Venetis, Blockerman
DRONES: KuroNyra, Grace Ryder, Matthew Coleman, Yunners, Waya525

CHESTBURSTERS: James Aponte, Rafael Aguila, Oliver, Stewart Crichton, Matt Bro, BWXenogears, Thomas Watvedt, Gregor Mundell. John C Jones, Sean Arme, Thomas J Gettings, Commodore Erickson, Tariq_RUH, Arkuras, Ambrosia. Project Acheron, Robert Johnson, Axel R. Garcia, Adam LaZerte, David Hokanson, Mark Lennon

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  1. I would love the pre order perks but i have both Ps5 and SX and want to wait for reviews of which version plays best. I am presuming SX visually will be better but there may be cool stuff for the PS5 controller

  2. I rather play as the alien :/ like seriously when are we gonna get a game like predator: hunting grounds but we get to play as the aliens. Don’t get me wrong the game looks cool but if we can’t play as an alien than it’s pretty Much BS

  3. Will it release for PC and will it be modable ? Only thing better than marines wasting or get wasted by bugs is marines in skimpy armor wasting or get wasted by Big-Boobed-Bugs or BBB's 🙂 .

  4. @alientheory I’ve seen aliens over 400 times. When I was 16 for two solid years I watched it 340 times averaging about 4 times a week in some instances. I digress, I’m getting it on PC. I would strongly suggest the same. The main reason for this is the significant aliens community and the huge amount of mod and quality of life potential the game might give post launch. You can’t get that on a console. ACM was atrocious but made significantly better (gameplay and visuals) by a modder. If I have a choice, always PC because of the performance difference and potential of the community added content.

  5. If I get it, PS4 would be the platform.

    I'd love to see a decent, updated and majorly overhauled Alien vs. Predator wirh the marine of course. First person though, it's a bit scarier when shit jumps out at you.

  6. about 25 years ago there was an online aliens vs marines pc game. As you got more exp then you got faster as alien and shot straighter/quicker as marine. there were about 5 maps, it was pve and mostly pvp. It was super fun.. Then the jackasses at fox or whoever killed the game.

  7. Could that new white creature in the game be a variation of the Leon-895 from Alien Infiltrator ?

  8. PC birthed the only good Alien games in the AVP series, with AVP2 still being the best action Alien franchise has to offer. It's also the only place you can play Alien: Isolation in VR. So yea, PC.

  9. I am interested in this game, & despite some disappointments with regards to design choices, I am still going to support this game because I want developers & the studio to know that there IS an interest in Aliens games.

    The rudeness of some people is appalling. I said on Instagram I hope they have levels inspired by the look & feel of Cameron's film & some guy named Xenomorph Nish (@NishXenomorph) jumps down my throat for asking the same thing over & over again, when Prometheus & Covenant elements are more fresh. Just because its fresh doesn't automatically mean its better. I am all for things influenced by all of the films (except the AvP ones), but all I said was I would hope to see things from Cameron's film included. After all, it is called AlienS, not Prometheus or Alien Covenant. Two heavily flawed films no where near as good as the original two.

    Then this guy goes on Twitter saying people who want it to be like Cameron's film are the same idiots that complain about nothing original anymore. I never said I don't want anything new, nor did I say that everything must focus solely on Cameron's film. I still said I was going to give the game a chance.

    Just letting people know if you dare say on Twitter or Instagram you enjoy the elements of Cameron's film, don't be surprised if this guy called Xenomorph Nish starts harassing you.

  10. I’m getting the pre-order for Xbox!! I don’t think I’ll like this game more than Alien Isolation, but I think it will be a close second. My most anticipated element of the game is exploring the new Engineer world seen in the trailer. Might be their homeworld Paradise, but would be cool to see a new Engineer world. 👽🤘

  11. job well-done. good analysis. now.. coming to really. when we all play this game in the future, everybody will die.

  12. Is it available on one of the internet services that stream the game to any potato level device? (raspberry pi, chromebook, etc.)  for example Google Stadia.

  13. Likely ps4 for me. I have a xbox but buying batteries constantly sucks. And i like controller better for ps4. The giant clicky clack triggers of the xbox one get to me and the left bumper gets stuck alot. Apparently that a common issue and i got it brand new to boot. Game pass is great but i dont have the best internet for that. While i can play mutliplayer games fine streaming and playing slows down a bit. But itd your choice bro. You could upgrade your pc and make it alien themed as well maybe use photo shop. To green screen your old pc moving near the new game (cover art) for your new pc to shout get away from her.! Of course said scene would be pasted over the alien queen vs Ripley in the power loader…

    Would be a cool intro to a video or sponser?

    Darn there i go again making yall jobs easier. Next thing i know ill be making human clones to just dump into a pit of face huggers.. so they dont have to choke out a real character like Ripley. Go generic doctor 72!#

  14. There is always a risk with preorder Deluxe Edition, especially those 4x extra DLC, with a poor reception of base game they could stop production and refuse to return money for Deluxe.

  15. I’m nervous about this, I really hope it’s close to left 4 dead but aliens and I think it should of been FPS


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