B2.1 Test Tank Prepared for Testing | SpaceX Boca Chica

The B2.1 test tank was prepared for testing, construction on the Wide Bay continued, and Ship 22’s common dome section was spotted outside.

Video and Pictures from Mary (@BocaChicaGal) and Nic (@NicAnsuini). Edited by Jack (@theJackBeyer).

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L2 Boca Chica (more clips and photos) from BC’s very early days to today.
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0:00 – Sunrise
0:30 – Crews Prepare the B2.1 Tank for Testing
2:52 – Wide Bay Construction
7:14 – I-Beam for Wide Bay Delivered
7:25 – Staircase Sections Under Construction
7:51 – Ship 22 Common Dome Section
8:24 – Thermal Blanketing Applied to Ship 22 Mid-LOX Section
9:06 – Orbital Launch Site
9:29 – The Orbital Launch Tower
9:52 – Chopsticks
10:01 – Crews Working on the Tower
10:38 – Chopstick Linear Actuators
10:58 – Welders on the Orbital Launch Mount
11:19 – Orbital Launch Mount Pluming Panels
11:27 – Frankencrane Disassembly
12:26 – Booster 4
13:10 – Worker Cleaning the LR 11000 Crane
13:40 – Orbital Tank Farm
14:00 – SpaceX LR 11000 Crane Waiting to be Assembled

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  1. 40 sec on looking at Thermal blanketing applied to ship 22 (8:259:05). Nic Ansunsi I like you and you are doing a great job but this is to long 😴, stick to 10-15sec 💯. Not the fist time

  2. Just thinking of every measurement of segment sent wifi from one laptop to a computer controlled manufacturing plant off base & hey presto! Every delivery is on time and correct. That takes brains & knowledge. Magnificent results. I would hate to count & be responsible for the bolts! Wrong thread? 🇦🇺😳🥺🐨😬

  3. I guess I am of the age when "sidewalk superintendent" was popular. I even made parts for the Apollo project between 1965 and 1968 – but what SpaceX is doing elevates space exploration – not to mention sidewalk superintending – to undreamed of levels. Now stepping back a bit, most moms are proud of their kids, but what emotions does Elon's mom experience when she sees what has grown out of her loins?

  4. You think they will put a starship on top of the B2.1 test tank to test it? Just seems way over engineered if they're not putting in all the grid fin mounts etc.

  5. This is the 21st century's version of the 30s pictures of "sidewalk supervisors" looking through the knotholes in the fencing around construction sites!

  6. I think the Every Day Astronaut needs to get together with Mr Musk and do a whole show dedicated to explaining B2.1.

  7. I can't get the hang of the "chopstick" design. Some parts seem massively over-designed and others (like those linear actuator lead screw mounts0 seem far too delicate. I guess all will become clear in the end.

  8. Wow! What fantastic detail shots you guys are getting!! Just amazing!!
    From the close ups of the metal work for the new High Bay, to the amazing shots of the linear actuators on the "chopsticks", just such amazing shots!! Makes us feel like we are all a part of the building of this amazing place!!

  9. just one of things I think of watching these videos and those of Nasa videos is that Nasa has all of that clean environment to build their rockets and then see Spacex doing it out in the open with dust flying around everywhere and getting it all done. Great videos people.

  10. IFrankencrane is being disassembled b/c SpaceX now has thier own, but I'm assuming its not as tall as this one as the model numbers are different. The orbital launch tower is supposed to catch and re-stack the boosters/Starships. So how will they do all the stacking before they start catching??? Is the new crane tall enough? (the tower doesn't have a crane for stacking from the ground right, just the chopsticks and quick disconnect)

  11. You guys are doing a GREAT job documenting every day of this Starship project. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this. It's greatly appreciated.

  12. Prognostications: B2.1 will complete, hopefully, the cryogenic/thrust simulation campaign. Then it will be attached to the top of B3. The B3-2.1 combination will be use to proof test the Chopsticks functionality, so as to not endanger the B4 super heavy booster. What day you? Thanks again NSF!

  13. Launch pad seems to be super complicated! I thought it is just massive piece of metal with hole for engine flames and water spray system.

  14. I would like a compilation video of all off Boca Chica Gal’s sunrise shots. Would make a wonderful screen saver on my Apple TV and I would pay for it (hint:-)

  15. Do we know what is the purpose of the hybrid test tank? And on the booster test stand as well? Or are they going to make the test tank for both booster and ship?

  16. Back in the 1920-30's they used hot rivets to fasten girders, and today, they use high strength bolts to do the same job. On many of the bridges built using rivets, they are having the rivets drilled out and replaced with bolts.

  17. I'm curious if the wide bay construction techniques are pretty standard. Not that there's a lot of call for buildings just like this, but is there innovation here as well or just normal construction methods?


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