Samsung's Galaxy S22 Teaser Is HOT, iPhones with Periscopic Cameras & more!

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On Pocketnow Daily, Google is working on their own AR headset but, it’ll take some time. We have our first set of details for the regular OnePlus 10 and 10R. We have some dates for when you can expect an iPhone with a periscopic camera. Finally, the first teaser for the Galaxy S22 Series is pretty good.

All this and more after the break.

0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Google is working on an AR Headset
Google reportedly building an AR Headset with custom processor, targeting 2024 release
1:58 – OnePlus 10 and 10R Leaks
OnePlus 10 could also arrive with a Snapdragon processor
3:13 – iPhone with Periscopic Lens Details
iPhone 15 Pro to have a 5x periscope camera, analyst predicts
4:33 – Samsung’s S22 Unpacked Teaser
Official: Samsung’s February event will “Break the rules of what’s possible”

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  1. Yes, interested in the S22 Ultra and have it on reserve. It will replace my current Note. Will be keeping my Fold 3 active as well.

  2. I love my z fold 3 to I did have the note 20 ultra but my mom needed a new phone was going to get the S 22 ultra but can't let my z fold 3 go

  3. I am getting the S22 ultra for my wife, She uses the pen often. I'm glad it is coming back!

  4. I will be getting the s22 ultra and passing down my s21 pro to my son. My thanks for the link. I did reserve it. You mentioned putting 50 down on it….but what it is is 50 samsung credit to redeem when pre order is available.

  5. the s22 looks exactly like the other notes except for a different camera. like putting lipstick on a pig. it's still a pig. the note is still a note no matter what you name it

  6. Gonna wait till the price drops a bit but YES GIMME that S22 Ultra!
    Take my Money!

  7. I wanted to get the S22 Ultra but I had the Note 10+ for 2 years at that time and I didn't fell like waiting so I got the Z Fold 3 which I have to take back because my camera is shaking by itself and my screen flickering black time to time

  8. Not trying to kill anyone's joy but the SD card is gone and it's not coming back. It's okay to vent about it but just realize that Samsung is done with it.

    I had to face that reality when I went from my S9 plus to the S21 Ultra. I've accepted it and I'm ready to upgrade to the S22 Ultra.

  9. I have to change my Note 8 just because I broke the screen. isn't it a step back from the note 20 ultra apart from the processor? no sd, no mft, smaller screen, no 16gb ram, memory = to the previous model, 1tb will arrive who knows when and the discounts and bonuses of the pre-order will be gone, is the battery enough for the power of the processor or does it drain before the note 20 ultra? I wonder if it is more and more convenient the note 20 ultra considering also that it also had the charger… I'm in Italy. Europe is always the worst region, only exynos. samsung would sell much more if they let the processor choose. I don't play, what do I do with gpu amd… I would like more to have fm radio. I know 1tb is just apple.. but pay € 1,500 to have less than apple… I counted on 16gb ram but for samsung this future is too far away. If I were not forced to do so, I would never buy a phone in this period of shortage. I will import snapdragon version from the USA

  10. Since Jamie got the z fold 3 it seems every other phone phone has become obsolete to him


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