Galaxy S22 Ultra vs S21 Ultra Unboxing and Camera Test: Better or WORSE?

Here is the first part of my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra review. I thought the Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Galaxy S22 Ultra comparison was fitting since people want to know if you need to upgrade or not. Does the Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera beat the Galaxy S21 Ultra or should you save your money?

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0:00 Intro and Unboxing
2:34 Device Comparison
5:54 Daytime Photo and Video Comparison
11:36 Low Light Photo and Video Comparison

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  1. S21 looks better. Samsung needs to take the camera department seriously🤦🏼‍♀️

  2. s21 ultra camera is disappointing… my old galaxy note 10 lite primary camera is far superior… especially in night shot

  3. God bless you, I have a Galaxy S22 Ultra, can I get the same colors as the pictures of the Galaxy S21 Ultra ? … Because I love the colors of the pictures of the Galaxy S21 Ultra …

  4. Bro my s21 ultra some time 1x & 3x lens image & video quality very bad not focusing 10k range phone image result?

  5. The S22U camera is without doubt much better. In addition to this video, I handled and shot pictures with both yesterday and I totally agree with you. But I bought the S21U! I'm hoping it's a software thing?🤞🏽 It has a bit too much noise reduction in any mode, which results in an irretrievable loss in detail. Having said that, the S22U camera seems to be tweaked to the max already whereas the S21U is upwardly mobile 😜 It leaves a lot of room for editing which I love but what I fell for is the looks, it is beautiful! 1440 x 3200 too. And I have an unused SPen (with my S7+) should I ever need to use one! I'm hoping to use that 45W charger too! Would be a dream if it could charge at that speed!

  6. S22 ultra best camera ever man this phone is a beast nice video bro keep doing your work

  7. Danny could you please do a follow up video once the S21 Ultra has been updated to One UI 4.1? 🙏🏼

  8. আগুলা কেনা বা দেখা আমাদের মত মধ্যবিত্ত লোকের জন্য স্বপ্ন মাএ ভাই 😒

  9. So if the s22 has a camera update, I hope you will look at the sharpening applied for 3x zoom shots and highlights, as those seem to overexpose more with the otherwise better contrast and exposure settings, compared to the s21. Based on this and other videos, those aspects need tweaking the most.
    My s21 ultra just notified me that it has a software update for the camera as well. So hopefully both of these phone cameras will perform even better soon.

  10. I think in general taking away the option of manual control can be counter intuitive. However this aim towards ai computational photography for those who don't want the stress of knowing about all the photography nonsense is probably a godsend.

    I think future samsung software updates should have a toggle control between automatic and manual camera controls fir video and photos.

    Also they should make the main sensor lens larger so it can capture more natural light.

  11. Simple answer : neither get an iphone 13 pro or pro max
    -Almost life time update
    -doesn’t weaken the previous model so that you will be forced to upgrade
    -basically the same price
    -better battery life
    -better processor
    -way ahead in taking videos

  12. S22 ulta pictures same problem is night time pic red effect just.then everything is good.

  13. I think a more important test would be the raw image output and if there is any improvements there

  14. I don't understand how did you manage to use the 108 mpx in nightmode
    I tried but it shoot at 12
    Can someone help me?
    ( I got s22 Ultra of course )

  15. and yet again the EU gets fisted with the goddamn Exynos chip. I don't understand why it is so hard for Samsung to just use ONE DAMN CHIP FOR ALL DEVICES. The EU pays the same (if not more) for the devices and gets the inferior chip, it should not be allowed.

  16. The funny thing is with just software adjustment, the s21 ultra is still the same ! So they better not neglect s21 ultra 😤 if the s22 ultra gets better camera software updates s21 ultra better get it as well or I'm done with Samsung! I kinda seen this coming 🤔 that's why I don't buy the next thing coming for any smartphone!

  17. The 10x difference is not the hardware, s21u uses 3x for 10x or even 30x a lot unless it is sunlit. It's a soft waste issue they have not fixed yet. May be once the s22u initial sales is done they may fix it

  18. You forgot 8k video comparison and video stabilization while running. But great video.

  19. The cases shouldn't be part of the review. Especially since you can get some amazing cases from small companies.

  20. S22ultra is new king i hope so coming soon new update S22ultra more improvements camera nd video quality etc

  21. I'm excited to get that new camera. I photograph trading cards for my online store, and the s21 ultra has given me the mudiest, soft edge pictures I've ever taken with mobile phones. For everything else it does a fine job, but for macro, it's soooo bad.


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