You Won’t Like This – RTX 4080 & 7900 XT Update

You Won’t Like This – AMD & Nvidia Update
A new leak regarding the upcoming RX 7900 XT based on the RDNA3 architecture pints to it being delayed until late 2022. This would likely also mean that Nvidia’s upcoming Lovelace RTX 4000 GPUs such as the RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 would also get delayed, but is it true… Let’s talk about it.

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RAM: 16GB @ 3800MHz 15 14 14 14 (1.47V):
CPU: R7 5800X:
GPU: RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra:
CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken X62:
Storage: 2.5TB PCIE/SSD:
Case: Thermaltake Core X71:

RX 7900 XT and RTX 4090 Delayed:

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  1. Sucks for the consumer, but makes sense from a business perspective.

    I've been waiting for 30 series stock for so long now I might as well wait for 40 series release, but delaying next gen release gives more time for the current gen to continue to sell at a demand higher than the supply. Why up the product when everybody already wants it?

  2. You guys seem to be underestimating the problem.


    With this 2 year rather than 1 year gap, by the time analysts say the shortage will end, you’d be buyjng rtx 4000 cards rather than rtx 5000, which is a pretty damn big jump with MCM

    analysts are saying that the supply issue won’t be completely resolved until 2023. If the GPUs released at a normal time such as maybe the main GPUs by December 2021 or q1 2022, the generation after that would release for 2023 q1 or late 2022. But if rtx 4000 launched in 2022 q4, you’d be stuck buying that or waiting another year. This jump will probably be big since that the difference of MCM and none.

  3. Not to worry. The price of the RTX 4080 and RX 7900 XT will both be $2000+ MSRP. So, I won't be able to get one.

  4. Considering I have an RTX 3080 I’m not too mad about the 40 series releasing Q4 next year/Early 2023.

  5. Don't you think people have spent enough money on GPUs this year? What's the big difference between mid and late 22? Basically nothing.

  6. Man we don't want something like 20 series we need better gpus if it takes more time it could mean that their gonna be better

  7. I couldn't buy either the 3080 or the6800xt (which I really wanted) for msrp and now they are shoving new models down our throats fuck that. I'll piece out my PC and buy a console and a car.

  8. 2 years isnt exactly a long time between architectures. its about 5-6 months more than i'd say is average, but with the amount of supply chain buggery thats gone on, its in no way suprising.

  9. When will the RTX CBT models come for the 30 series cards? The last models for the CBT cards didn’t have a strong enough plate to handle the massive over clocks for the GPU.

  10. Gosh theres a lot of twenty-twenty-two talk here…looking forward to the early twenty-twenty-two or mid twenty-twenty-two or late twenty-twenty-two graphics cards in any case!…been while for me two since I last upgraded…oops…*too…too many twos for that typo soz guys…

    See them new GPUs in 2022! 🙂

  11. We've barely got our hands on the RX 6000 series, it makes total sense that they don't want to supersede their lineup quite so soon.

  12. Pausing your vids in the first 3 secs is always worth a laugh.
    On a more serious note: who gives a shit? RTX 3000 series are not even available, I guess my 2080 is going nowhere soon.

  13. That's not disappointing, its about normal. 2 Years is normal for GPUs. I have a 6900 XT, I think it will be doing well over 100FPS in the majority of games up until the end of next year. And supply for current cards is already slowly coming back.

  14. Mostly all GPU cycle is per 2 years you get the vanilla than the TI (in case of nvidia), Each generation is 4 years, so the next chip will be a refinement of ampere than 2 years after that will be the next chip etc.. that is nothing new and been mostly been like this for quite some time

  15. That's completely normal, when have new GPU architectures normally been released every year?
    NV Fermi = 2010, Kepler = 2012, Maxwell = 2014, Pascal = 2016, Turing = 2018, Ampere = 2020
    AMD's timeline of past generations is a bit of a mess though – HD7000 = Early 2012, Rx 200 = Late 2013, Fiji = 2015, Vega = 2017, Navi 1 = 2019

  16. I don't remember when we ever had next gen GPU's every year? It's always been a 2 year cycle. Nvidia did release a TI version a year after the original versions though, but thats about it… Clickbait video IMHO

  17. You do realize we are just coming out of a GLOBAL Pandemic right?
    Of course there are going to be delays on everything in development and manufacturing.

  18. Hes soooo eager and happy to announce half baked rumors then in a few of his own videos side step his own words. I thought clowns went oblete with the cirus. Don't quote you. Omg. How do I block this crap from appearing in my recommended. You get paid on this, Unbelievable.

  19. Good thing I've been conditioned to wait for pc parts during these shortages cuz waiting until q4 2022 is a long time for a 5000 series gpu owners.

  20. They are taking advantage of the scalp prices. That's why they're waiting so long. Coming out with those would cut into scalper markups

  21. Honestly, I say that AMD and NVIDIA waiting until Q4 2022 works out okay IMHO.
    It gives the current generation actual time to breathe a bit and also pushes the next generation outside of the reported range of the silicon shortage.

    Although I wouldn't be surprised if NVIDIA and AMD make "Super" versions of the cards to tide people over in Fall 2021.

    I could see NVIDIA making a Samsung 7/6NM version of the RTX 3000 cards for "Super" versions, in order to bring better price/performance and more efficient cards.

    As for AMD, I could see them making "RDNA2+" GPUs but that is more questionable.

  22. It's so far away both could be right not uncommon for companies to say mid to late as a target

  23. Bro I just scored a 3080 I could care less if they extended it to Q4 of 2023 and I think a lot of people who still haven't been able to get cards due to the shortage probably feel the same way

  24. If anyone is looking for a used (6months ish) can verify GTX 970 ssc 2.0 AXE by Evega let me know. I have the box but not the books inside it. I’ve used it to only play leauge of legends. It was a gift from my ex girlfriend. I’m selling for 150$.

  25. Nothing shocking about this. Even before the pandemic the gap between releases was growing. 2 years was to be expected.

  26. I already have a 5900x, so I dont feel like upgrading next year xD, and I also have a 3070 wich im looking to upgrade, prices are crazy now 🙁

  27. I’ll wait for the RTXXX 19080 ti since the box will be big enough to hold my ashes.

  28. Current RTX 30 series and AMD 6000 series don't exist so no problem waiting for GPUs next year. I hope my 1080Ti will forgive me for giving it one last push.

  29. You are getting up there man keep up the good content and don't forget bout ur fans in the comment section !

  30. Don't know what he's smoking, but usually new graphics cards gets released every 2 years in q4.
    10series was May 16'
    20series was September '18 and 30series was was September '20
    For Nvidia at least, so every 2-2.5 years. Don't know why it's sad that release schedule is "extended" to 2 years, when it is the normal time

  31. They shouldn't be focusing on new lines or generations just yet. They really need to deal with their production issues first otherwise it's just gonna get far worse.


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