Root OnePlus 7 (+ Pro) – ANDROID 10 – Flash TWRP – MAC [How To]

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TRWP for OnePlus 7 –

TWRP for OnePlus 7 Pro –

**Magisk link has changed. You can now download and Magisk from here –

Platform Tools –




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  1. I am unable to access the downloads where I saved the twrp zip file when I get to that step. I made sure I could see it was there before I began. Is there somewhere else to save it that should make it visible?

  2. Great tutorial! Its been a while since I rooted my android devices and this is a great guide for someone like me who wants to root their devices again. My question is after rooted, does the banking apps, netflix, and other apps work properly with no problem? I've read and watched videos that financial apps and netflix doesn't work after rooted. Thanks!

  3. You forgot something, gettins all the OnePlus Data! One of those effects are the missing dynamic wallpapers! For a complete guide, i think this should be part.. It can be restored the update method.

  4. I'm stuck at the part arround 9:00 into the vid (Oneplus 7 pro) I put my twrp zip inside the download folder of the phone but there's no download folder in the "install menu" from twrp after booting on it.
    Theres just a bunch of folders with what seems to be encrypted or random names.

  5. i got it to work on windows it took some time to get it to work but it's finally working, i had some issues with the commands on terminal or cmd in windows but i managed to tweak the commands to make it work great stuff bud! thank you

  6. Just rooted my oneplus 7 pro successfully 5 minutes ago. You're an absolute legend and i can't believe that those XDA fools have the number of subs they do, and you're low down. You've got a loyal subscriber! Awesome content bro.

  7. i subscribed to your channel, thanks ! in other tutorial i bricked my phone many time, but with this tutorial all is gone good

  8. im trying to root a Razer Phone 2 and downloaded several boot omg files and everytime I try to flash it I just get a FAILED (remote: 'unknown command') can you help?

  9. Why does it have to be a Mac, i cant use any other pc? I hate to have to buy another pc just to unlock a phone. That would be stupid.