Nvidia Geforce RTX 40 Series Everything YOU Need to Know!

Cards should be available later in 2022.

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  1. I heard that we will need a 1200w psu at least to power these… Which sucks… cause I just built a new PC with a 1,000w psu… custom cables…

  2. I’d honestly be happy if they dropped a “new” generation that has basically the same performance but is way more efficient instead of half as efficient

  3. Kopite7Kimi has said there could be an 850W RTX Titan with crazy levels of raster and ray tracing performance. I'm fairly certain everyone will expect an 850W GPU to have insane amounts of performance. It should be well over double the performance of the 3090 Ti even in gaming if it actually becomes a product.

  4. I recon 35-45% increase, power will be end to this graphics card evolution… in a minute we will be running 500-600 watts – gaming will be expensive

  5. so with the new series focus being all about taking as much power as possible but you get good gains, this is a bit of bad news to mobile chips as we're not getting that much more power effecient.

  6. Yeah, lets make legendry scalpers MSI suffer more.😁😂. They Suffer gamer before, now we must make MSI china 3000 gpu suffer more..🤔😎

  7. Don’t mean to come across negative but it’s been delayed nvidia 4000 series for a year . I understand took time to edit but should of atleast hear the leaks

  8. The amount of commercials embedded on this video have made me unsubscribe from channel. I can’t handle interruptions every 2 minutes.