New Tesla Collection / Pickup Checklist [Common Issues With Tesla Model 3 – Delivery Checks]

Download Checklist: (it’s free)
Are you buying a new Tesla? I’ve compiled a handy collection checklist for you to use as a reference guide. This list is to check for the most common defects, faults and problems that are missed in Tesla quality control.

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  1. I'd suggest taking photographs all round while still at the distribution centre in case there's anything that's found later and Tesla push back as an owner issue; if it's visible on a photo that should smooth any potential arguments.

    Thanks, btw 🙂

  2. Hi 🙂

    Got my Tesla on order (Delivery for the 11/09) and excited is a understatement haha!! Just had a review of your checklist and its great!

    Was just wondering if you have it in a word template at all?

    Many thanks and hope yours is going well 🙂

  3. Picked up a performance model 3 just 3 weeks ago perfect no issues at all great customer service the chinese models seem to be much better in quality great car and very fast indeed

  4. Thanks for this info! I pretty much did the same thing when they dropped it off last Friday. Overall build was pretty good…everything on the exterior lined up and no gaps. I was relieved after initial inspection cause I was expecting the worst.

  5. What’s really revealing is taking the toddler perspective and look at other manufacturers build quality,It’s shocking to see the similarity in build quality

  6. So when I purchase my Tesla Model 3 back in December 2018, I had an appointment that was at around 6:30 in the evening which was really pitch dark by that time & so I never checked the car for anything, the technician went over the standard requirements & so forth & I asked some operational questions that I had, but I never really ran down a checklist of things like checking for panel gaps & alignment of doors or trunk lids etc. & what I found out in a couple days into driving the car was I had a couple of minor issues such as seals in the trunk area that wasn’t quite tucked in properly or glued properly & the same happened on the passenger side of the front door, so these are things that most people would never even think about looking for when picking up their vehicle unless of course they had a checklist to follow, unless it was quite obvious when you open the trunk or open the door, but I did have was the upper pillar on the right side in the rear came loose when I was driving it one day & so I took it to Tesla’s service without an appointment & they tidied up the problem & so there was no cost to me & everything’s been great so far & so I had only minor maintenance issues such as tire rotation & I had a tire change because I picked up some road debris & damage the tire beyond repair, so I had to buy a new tire so they installed the tire no issues there & obviously that stuff is not under warranty, so I had to pay for the tire, but other than that, I’ve had no real issues with the car & so I’m very happy with the car & Tesla service too! So thank you for posting your video I appreciate all the things you pointed out and would absolutely recommend new car purchasers with a Tesla manufacture as a product is to get a checklist & yours is a good one to have, so thank you!

  7. I’m new to your channel. I thought it was funny when you said to start with the left side but you clearly went to the right side of the car first. Left, right, front, back is based on sitting in the driver’s seat. Overall, pretty good check list.
    Probably good to check the interior color after checking the exterior color. Not much point in walking around the car looking for panel gaps to discover the interior color is wrong. Thanks

  8. Have you seen the price increase today on tesla website. Your model gone up 3.5k. I ordered mine in December, same spec exactly as yours. Quoted May delivery 👎 it was March when I ordered. Paid 58.5k in total with paint and interior. Just installed a 32amp home charger. I bought a 32amp commando socket off amazon £40 and a 32amp adaptor off telsa website for £43. Beats paying £450 for a dedicated tesla charger and charges at the same rate!

  9. I need to ask you an important but off topic question. I've just placed my order, paid my £100 deposit, had my finance approved (Tesla Loan), all good to go. During the order process, did the Tesla site redirect you to a page (Tesla's payment partner, Adyen) to create a Direct Debit Mandate that you needed to print off, fill in your bank address details and post off to them?

  10. Great insights. Will be part of my check when the Model 3 or Y ( still undecided) has the new battery packs in production. Wish they’d hurry up !! Reckon July 2021.

  11. Might just be me being over top but I’d add is door alignment when doors are shut to check they haven’t dropped.
    Charging cables are all there.
    Wireless phone charging works both sides.

  12. Thank you for the detailed list. I find it depressing as this is going to be my most expensive purchase and would never have to do this with a equivalently priced German car and takes the gloss off picking up a new car. I also read that customer service has worsened over the years with Tesla as they know people like the cars. Hope this is not a trend.