INPUT LAG for the Literal WIN?! – The Intel Vs. AMD Vs. Nvidia Story.

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Is there an advantage to using either an AMD or Intel CPU in terms of input lag (delay, latency). What about an AMD GPU vs an NVidia GPU… Free Sync vs G-Sync? Well let’s put all these to the test with a 240Hz monitor, 1000 fps camera and all the hardware.

0:00 How I test for input lag and gear used
2:18 Test systems used in the video and apples to apples layout.
3:17 Analysing the results and throwing in AMD vs Nvidia GPU tests too.
5:09 More Analysis of results and finalising the results.
9:46 The Verdict, what really matters when you are playing games (mouse, monitor, internet are much more important).

Parts used in video:
1680 v2:

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  1. Hey Yes Man… I have an R5 3600 and a Vega 64. I recently built my friend a new PC with an R7 5800x and a GTX 1650. I played Ashen on his PC and I was blown away by how "instant" everything felt – even moving the mouse up and down (I used my mouse on his PC). Is this placebo or is the difference between these 2 CPUs noticable enough for a common man? Is latency noticable between an i3 and an i7 of the same generation?

  2. I would like to see how much difference it makes between cheapest and most expensive cpu/gpu in old quake like qw/oa/q3 or csgo. will it make difference even if not bottlenecked

  3. Hello! I wonder how you got those over 20 ms delays, I am afraid you have some issues with your testing setup. I have done testing with 960 fps camera having 1000+ fps in CS:GO/ 800 fps in Valorant. Without G-sync I always get total latency in between 3 – 10 ms (50 data points/measurements). I measured the latency by recording both screen and my finger hitting the mouse button, started counting frames when the button was visibly pressed, maximum error could be 1-2 ms since the button went from up to down in 1-2 frames.

    Do you use some frame limiters? Do you calculate the latency from the light to the first sign of weapon shooting? Did you also record frame times to make sure there is no hiccups happening?

    My testing setup:
    – 8000 hz mouse with optical switches 0,125 ms button latency.
    – 280 hz Asus VG259QM monitor (no gsync used)
    – RTX 3070
    – i5 8600k @ 5.0 Ghz
    – ddr4-4000-cl16

  4. Can you please do a comparison of latency of different types of USB ports and different types of USB hubs? USB2 4 port, USB2 7 port, chaining 2 USB2 hubs together. And putting a USB2 hub after a USB3 hub?
    These are things people are likely to do.
    (Sometimes mouse and KB cables arent long enough and there aren't enough USB ports etc)
    I've read that a USB2 hub only adds 1ms of latency, of true would be the least effective thing to change.
    Of course its a matter of how much diff it makes, whether its worthwhile getting the hubs out of the input path.

    I know it might sound crazy but one can care about having decent input lag, without being obsessed with getting the lowest possible value.

  5. This was incredible. I'm planning a new build and would love if somebody with access to some different processors and video cards could show performance differences in Assetto Corsa Competitizione. Trying to build a machine optimized for that game and wondering if I should go Intel or AMD next gen.

  6. I wonder if the 3950x would have gotten worse input delay if you left it stock, and let the CPU keep dynamically adjust the frequencies constantly (afaik this increases DPC latency, which could also increase input delay).

  7. When I switched from Intel Haswell to AMD Ryzen, I noticed some imput lag even out of games. DDR4 having more latency than DDR3 and the chiplet design of the Ryzen plays a role. Not hating on AMD, I have an AMD system.

  8. "The Verdict, what really matters when you are playing games (mouse, monitor, internet are much more important)." Im interested in finding out the tests for internet but that would seem like a lot of work! If you could surprise us with this test like you did with the hardware I'm sure you'd get a ton of views!

  9. Input lag you say…

    I'll see your lag and raise it 400 ping when an aussie joins the server..

    I have 17 ping to my local pop you would think I'd enjoy some sick games online.. WRONG!!!

  10. You think there may be a correlation between max fps and input lag, like higher max fps will lower input lag? Cuz I think the reason Intel has lower input lag than AMD is because it has higher max fps than AMD.

  11. Will my X58-UD5 support ECC ram?
    I saw a deal for 4gb sticks for 5€ and 8gb sticks for 10 each and i was wondering if my X58 board will take it if not il use a X79 chinise combo and use them there