12GB RTX 3080 Ti Makes 3090 Irrelevant – Specs & Release Date Leak

12GB RTX 3080 Ti Makes 3090 Irrelevant – Specs & Release Date Leak
Specs and the release date for the upcoming Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti 12GB were just leaked online showing an incredibly powerful GPU that should be launching some time in April. The 3080Ti specs show a GPU with 10240 Cuda Cores and 12GB of GDDR6X running at 19Gbps on a 384bit bus for a total of 912GB/s of memory bandwidth.

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Intro – 0:00
3080 Ti Leak – 0:45
3080 Ti 12GB Specs – 1:47
3080 Ti 12GB Performance – 4:31
3080 Ti 12GB Release Date – 6:04

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RAM: 16GB @ 3800MHz 15 14 14 14 (1.47V):
CPU: R7 5800X:
GPU: RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra:
CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken X62:
Storage: 2.5TB PCIE/SSD:
Case: Thermaltake Core X71:

3080 Ti 12GB Specs & Release Date:

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Intro: Mushrooms by Komiku
Outro: Everyone by Monplaisir .

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  1. 1 week later you'll be saying "actually it's a 16gb……….no wait, 20gbs……3080ti has been cancelled.

  2. At least I've been enjoying my irrelevant 3090 since last year at msrp. Today people are buying 3080's at higher prices than what I paid for my 3090… not to mention how much people are paying for 3090's today. I hope it get's better, but I feel there will be some people paying more for the 3080 Ti than what paid for my 3090.

  3. The RTX 3090 is already irrelevant for gaming anyway. Outside of people who are just buying one because they can't find a 3080, the only people buying 3090's are people using them for professional purposes. If all you're planning to do is game with it, it's been a massive waste of money from the start.

  4. I was planning on building my first gaming pc so I’ve been saving for awhile so I can get a high end one now I can’t even do that because of fucking scalpers smh

  5. how the hell does a 3070 ti have more vram than a 3080 ti?? first the 3060, then the 6600 XT, now the 3080 ti

  6. Judging by those specs theres no way in hell they can justify making it cost 1000 dollars. It has to be 800-850 at the most

  7. A 6900xt costs here about 1700 USD and its actually cheaper than a 3080 that can't be found unless you want a scalped version for 2000 USD

  8. I got 2 Evga 3090 FTW Ultra's by buying 2 2080 ti ,.. Then entering the Step up pay the difference then they sent me the 3090 FTW 24G Series within 6 weeks …

  9. I'm wanting to play at 5120×1440. Would the 3080ti have enough vram, or should I go for the 6800xt?

  10. wtf,how come is a better buy? rtx 3090 goes around 1500 to 2000 quid. rtx 3080 goes around 1000 to 1200 quid….. so how much do you think the 3080 ti will go for ? lets be realistic…. if you want to spend 1400 1600 for the 3080ti i bet everybody will just go for the 3090. so this card will only increase prices for the 3090. i managed to get a 3090 for 1500 (1400 pounds in store) so a good scalper…. i did not want the 3090, but when i saw the 3080 go for 1100 i was like why would i go for the 3080…. same with other people…..

  11. Not interested until 3080ti has at least 16GB …preferably 20GB.
    Not even going to bother looking at anything less.
    Good info, thx.

  12. 3090 isn't suppose to be for gaming even though it can play games very well its made more for video editing etc stuff of that nature anything you need 24gb of vram for the 3080ti will be top dog for gaming because its more geared towards that

  13. You can't even get a 3090 and people are spending $1.5 grand and more to scalpers for this gpu, 3080 Ti will be Bigfoot hard to find for $1,000 and crypto mining ain't going away till end of year.

  14. I don't agree at all 12GB of Vram is nothing and you might as well add some money to double the Vram and make it content creating future proof

  15. 3080ti 12gb makes sense, while definitely not making the 3090 obsolete – the 3090 is still the best when it comes to resolutions above 4k (VR especially), while the 3080 ti offers the performance in everything 4k and under

  16. What a silly statement. the 3090 will never be Irrelevant against any other 30XX series card. Its the king and always will be until a better card is released with a higher spec. Also try Xplane 11.51 with Xenviro (vulkan) with 12GB VS 24 GB

  17. The sad thing will be that the gpus from the miners will be returned to the provider and then they will repackage it and sell them as new gpu. So 80 percent of us will get gpus that are sucked to their bone

  18. If I have that 12GB RTX 3080 Ti, I can forget about editing an 8K video on Davinci Resolve as it will straight up halt due to lack of VRAM, making it completely impossible. I have RTX 3090 and even with that, it eats up at least 17 GB VRAM without adding any effect whatsoever.

  19. No one cares except for miners and scalpers and previewers like you. They will be out of stock already before ordinary people and gamers alike can even take a glimpse at them. So, this is completely unimportant information.

  20. 1287€ for my evga 3080… ooops. Couldnt hold it.

    But selling my radeon 7 for 1500 on ebay…. sooo lol

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