Android Is Already Copying iPhone's Dynamic Island…

Clip from Lew Later (iPhone 14’s Dynamic Island Copycats Will Be A Disaster…) –
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  1. Don't you just get annoyed when apple fan boys say "apple makes features better" yet their 2000 nit screen is made by Samsung and their R&D department scoured the annuals of android feature dating back all the way to the LG V10. They slap a stupid name to it and say it's revolutionary. Once they start copying folding phones apple fan boys will say apple just waited for the right time to make it better 🙄.

  2. Said that the Dynamic Island could have been done for previous models and on other phones. It wasn’t futuristic or amazing & it wouldn’t surprise me if a Jailbreak comes out to allow older models to have something similar.

  3. android fanboys who keep lambasting apple are always funny. they shit on apple every single time but when apple comes up with something new they run around finding a way to have it also… meanwhile apple fanboys be like. oh this is cool. android has it for years? oh okay.

  4. Apple introduces a feature called Dynamic Island in 2022, but it's essentially a secondary-display of sorts that companies like LG actually innovated 7 years back. 😂

  5. In my guess the corner hole punch will have a better implementation of the feature when rotating the phone landscape cause it will always fade in the hole instead of being somewhere popping out unsymmetricaly. And wait xiaomi is doing almost the same as Apple for them civic serie later this month but I guess that won't be as beautiful as a corner hole puch island

  6. Didn't one android phone already have the dynamic island feature? Apple took it and copied it. Yeh sure they made it slightly better but I don't get why android is using it now. It's already out dated lol

  7. Why am I not surprised lol😂😂. I'm an android fan and user but I kinda saw it coming. Basically only Huawei was doing new things, lucky for us they might soon be back to shake the market again