Is the famous leaker negative for the iPhone (2021) notchless + USB-C installed information?


Mr. John Prosser and Mr. Yuu Yukari measures (@L0vetodream) on information about the notchless display and the USB-C terminal installed, which was found from the 2021 iPhone (5.5 inch) 3D print mockup obtained from Alibaba Sources. ) Seems negative about its realization. All of the information says that the expectations for iPhone users are high, and I am wondering if the 2021 model will be notchless.

Notch disappeared in 2021 version iPhone, changed to USB-C terminal

Mac treasure appraisal group Blog has released an image of a 2021 iPhone (5.5 inches) 3D print mockup obtained from Alibaba Sources.

Regarding the mockup, the Mac treasure appraisal blog that obtained and released this was considered to be one of the iPhones in the process of development, and it was likely that it was not the final specification model.

There is also information that the iPhone 12 rumored to appear this fall will be 33% smaller in notch, but it is better if notchless, USB-C terminal with excellent usability such that external port can share charger with other devices There are also many requests from users who say that is good, and it is a model that can be an ideal one if it appears with this spec.

Prosser’s reaction

Prosser only commented “lol (meaning “lol” in Japan) No” in this mockup tweet.

Fudge (@choco_bit)’s reaction

Fudge (@choco_bit), who received a negative reply yesterday, replied to Prosser’s tweet, “They don’t ask (tears).”

Reaction of Mr. Yuru Yukari (@L0vetodream)

Mr. Yuru Yukari (@L0vetodream) commented twice, and he responded most strongly, “I’m kidding”, “USB-C terminal is iPhone…

There is a report that the iPad Air 4 is also equipped with a USB-C terminal

The Economic Daily reports that not only the 2021 version iPhone introduced by Mac Treasure Appraisal Blog but also the next generation iPad Air, which is expected to be released this year, will be equipped with a USB-C terminal.

The new regulation that the European Parliament voted in January this year to unify the charging terminals of mobile devices such as smartphones into one standard across manufacturers is expected to increase the possibility of moving to USB-C terminals. ..

Realization seems to be difficult, but expected to appear

Given that each of the three prominent leakers is negative, it may be unlikely that this prototype will be adopted. However, not only this mockup information but also the Economic Daily reports that the 2021 version of the iPhone has a USB-C terminal installed, so Apple may decide to move to the USB-C terminal. Let’s

The rating (reliability) of each leaker as of June 5, 2020, announced by AppleTrack, is as follows. Mr. Fudge (@choco_bit) is out of the evaluation because the calculation by AppleTrack has just started.

  • Abandoned Yukari measures (@L0vetodream): 90.5%
  • John Prosser: 86.7%
  • Mac Treasure Appraisal Blog: 67.4%
  •, Jon Prosser/Twitter, Yuru Yukari (@L0vetodream)/Twitter, Fudge (@choco_bit)/Twitter, AppleTrack,
    ConceptsiPhone/YouTube, Economic Daily

    Source: iPhone Mania

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