Supports 366 days! “Birth color” smartphone case store opened

Birthday Birth Color Birth. Birthdot iPhone Case

Birthstones, birth flowers, and many other goods related to a birthday of 366 days a year are on sale. Birth., a store specializing in birth colors, which opened in May this year, has released smartphone cases with birth colors for 366 days.

All types are made to order, 2 types of mat processing and gloss processing

The birth color is a color set for each 366 days based on astrology and is also called a birthday color. There are various theories about colors, and colors may differ depending on astrology, but it is said that Barthdot is making with reference to the color based on the theory of Michel Bernhardt of Germany.

Barthdot opened its online store in May this year, and has begun selling birth color smartphone cases for iPhone and Android devices. All products are made-to-order products, and orders from June 1st are scheduled to be shipped around the beginning of July.

Birthday Birth Color Birth. Birthdot iPhone Case

The case material is a hard type that uses polycarbonate, and you can choose from two types: matte processing with matte processing and glossy gloss processing. Both iPhone and Android terminals have no strap holes.

It is a full-scale print finish with color applied to the edge of the side, and the number corresponding to the selected color is stamped on the lower back. We do not support ordering designs such as changing the case color or the number on the back.

Birthday Birth Color Birth. Birthdot iPhone Case

Birthday Birth Color Birth. Birthdot iPhone Case

Compatible iPhones are iPhone6/6s/7/8/SE (2nd generation), iPhone6 ​​Plus/6s Plus/7 Plus/8 Plus, iPhone X/XS/XR, iPhone11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, and the price is Depending on the terminal size, tax is 2,500 yen to 2,800 yen. The shipping fee is 195 yen (tax included) nationwide.

Source: Birthdot Online Store

Source: iPhone Mania

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