Benchmark score of migration kit for Apple developer with ARM chip appeared


The benchmark score of the Developer Transition Kit distributed by Apple for developers so that they can develop apps for Macs equipped with Apple Silicon has appeared on Geekbench.

Appearing on Geekbench as soon as possible

As Apple switches the CPU mounted on Mac from Intel-made to Apple-developed Apple silicon, Apple launched a developer support program to support compatible application development, and as a part of that, based on Apple’s A12Z Bionic SoC We are renting out the Mac development system.

The case of DTK is Mac mini, but the CPU installed is A12Z Bionic, and the specifications such as the port equipped with Mac mini are different.

According to media 9to5Mac, the DTK benchmark score, which should not be released under the confidentiality agreement with Apple, has already appeared on Geekbench. However, the Geekbench software is not yet optimized for Apple Silicon at this stage, so it’s virtualized using Apple’s Rosetta technology.

Is the DTK benchmark at the same level as the MacBook Air (2020)?

geekbench DTK

Looking at the Geekbench benchmark score, DTK’s single core is about 800, multicore is about 2,600.

By the way, the entry-level MacBook Air (2020) has 1,005 single cores and about 2,000 multicores.

9to5Mac estimates that the DTK benchmark (via Rosetta) will be on par with the MacBook Air (2020). It is thought that the performance will decrease when using Rosetta, but it is unknown how much it will be negative. Some developers speculate that it will cause a 25%-40% drop in performance.

The first Apple silicon installed is expected to be shipped within the year

What 9to5Mac points out as “interesting” is that according to the Geekbench benchmark score, the DTK’s A12Z Bionic has 4 cores. The A12Z originally has an 8-core configuration.

In any case, DTK is just a tool for porting the current application to the Apple silicon-equipped Mac, and the actually sold Apple silicon-equipped Mac will be a much higher performance product, 9to5Mac wrote.

Apple has announced that it will ship its first Mac with Apple Silicon by the end of the year.


Source: iPhone Mania

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