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From July 1st, the “Announcement on Tax-Free Shopping Policy for Hainan Islands Travelers” was officially implemented, which means that domestic consumers who come here to buy products can enjoy 13% free treatment, which has led to many people going to The idea of ​​buying an iPhone is indeed true.

Taking the price that Apple users care about as an example, the Hainan duty-free iPhone 11 128GB price is as low as 5105 yuan, the iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB price is 8625 yuan, the AirPods second generation price is only 970 yuan, and the iPad and Apple Watch are more expensive than the official website. There are also “concessions” of varying degrees.

According to relevant media reports, after the implementation of the new tariffs, the iPhone in Hainan’s duty-free shops did indeed catch fire, and the supply was in short supply. “Due to insufficient stocks, the duty-free shop on July 1 restricts the purchase of one iPhone.” At the same time, some netizens said that “the Hainan duty-free shop is already in the market, and the iPhone 11 is like buying cabbage.”

In the electronic duty-free zone at the scene, there is still a crowd of people, and the sales in the mobile phone area are particularly popular. “Twenty minutes after opening the store, a mobile phone was sold, and many customers came to consult.” There are salesmen in the duty-free shop Said: “Different versions and different models, their duty-free prices are different. Like this Apple 11pro, the price after tax-free can be about 2,000 yuan less.” “Like some Huawei mobile phones, the price after tax-free can also be reduced by about 300 yuan. .”

According to the new regulations, Hainan’s tax-free shopping quota has been increased from 30,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan per person per year, and the 8,000-yuan tax-free quota for individual products has been cancelled. With quota management as the main factor, the number of single-purchase merchandise items has been greatly reduced.