iPhone12 Pro 4K video

According to analyst Minchi Kuo, lens manufacturer Largan said, “It seems that the camera lens for iPhone 12 will start shipping from mid-July.” He had previously reported that the iPhone 12 series could potentially use a 7-element lens.

Start shipping 4 to 6 weeks later than usual

According to Kuo’s report, Apple Insider’s shipment start time in mid-July is 4 to 6 weeks behind that of Largan, so the peak shipment period of lenses is also August of the usual year. It points out that it may be delayed from ~October to September~November.

In this report, Mr. Kuo did not mention the lens configuration that will be shipped for iPhone 12, but in the previous report, it is 7 elements instead of 5 elements and 6 elements used for iPhone 11 series. Mentioned the possibility of adopting. In that case, Apple Insider predicts that the image quality may be improved compared to the current iPhone.

Source:AppleInsider, Wccftech
Photo: Apple Hub/Twitter

Source: iPhone Mania