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The Indian government has banned 59 Chinese apps, saying they pose a security threat, but found that Apple and Google temporarily blocked the apps in question.

Some Chinese companies voluntarily deny access

A Google spokesman said, “We have temporarily blocked access to the specified apps.” No comments have been received from Apple, but the company has taken similar steps, TechCrunch said.

Companies such as ByteDance, which runs TikTok, a video-sharing app that is also popular in India, are also reported to have voluntarily made the app inaccessible.

Behind the armed conflict in early June?

The ban on the use of Chinese apps by the Indian government is because it was judged that it was performing acts that threatened India’s sovereignty, unity, security, and public order, but in the background 6 It is expected that there will be an armed conflict at the beginning of the month at the border between India and China.

Anti-Chinese sentiment is rising in India following the killing of more than 20 Indian soldiers, and a “Chinese boycott” is in the trend on Twitter in India.

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