Announced that picture-in-picture will be provided to non-paid members on YouTube and iOS

YouTube PiP

YouTube has commented that it will offer picture-in-picture functionality to all iOS users, except paid members. It will be available to American users in sequence.

Available to non-paid members

The picture-in-picture feature in the iOS version of the YouTube app is now available for paid YouTube Premium members in the United States.
YouTube commented to the US media MacRumors as follows, revealing that it plans to provide a picture-in-picture function to all users of the iOS version application including non-paid members.

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) allows users to continue playing YouTube videos on their mini player without having the YouTube app open on their mobile device.
We are launching PiP functionality on iOS for YouTube Premium members and plan to bring it to all iOS users in the United States.

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YouTube’s PiP function for iOS, whose policy has continued to shake

The picture-in-picture function of YouTube became available on iOS 14, but it is not available to non-paid members, and at the moment, it is also available to non-paid members on browsers such as Safari, and users are swayed. I’ve been.
The YouTube comment does not mention offering it to users outside the United States, but I hope it will eventually be available in Japan as well.
Source: MacRumors

Source: iPhone Mania

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