Apple is about to hold a press conference in the early morning of the 16th. In addition to the iPad and Apple Watch updates, Apple is also expected to launch a tracking product AirTags similar to Tile.

Apple's tracking device AirTags physical exposure, equipped with U1 chip

Recently, Twitter broke the news that the great god Jon Prosser exposed more information about this product. He claimed that AirTags will use Apple’s dedicated U1 chip, assembled through USI methods, support UWB (Ultra Wide Band Technology), and in terms of tracking and finding positioning. Very accurate and supports data transmission.

In his latest tweet, he also directly gave the rendering design of Apple’s AirTags anti-lost sticker. According to Jon Prosser, Apple is likely to launch AirTags at tomorrow’s conference, but it is not 100% sure. From the rendering, we can see that Apple AirTags does not have any logo on the front, and the bottom is a silver metal disk, surrounded by various introductions, and the Apple logo in the middle is about the same size as the bottle cap.

Apple's tracking device AirTags physical exposure, equipped with U1 chip

It is reported that AirTags can be attached to the surface of items, and then cooperate with Apple’s “Find” application to prevent small objects from disappearing.

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