In a national survey, 42% said they would choose a smartphone over a partner

Smartphone survey
Which is more important, a smartphone or a partner? It may be a rare case to say that you are a husband without comparison. In a survey conducted in the United States, more than 40% of respondents chose to let go of their partner over smartphones, which is attracting attention.

Dogs than partners, smartphones than dogs

The survey was conducted by SMS marketing company SimpleTexting on 1,000 smartphone users from 50 states across the United States. Questions were asked about what sacrifices or how much to keep their smartphones on hand, and dogs, sexual intercourse, vacations, and partners were presented for comparison.
You may think that few people say that they are partners, regardless of vacation. However, the survey found that 42% of users (44% of millennials) chose to stay away from their partners for the same period of time rather than letting go of their smartphone for a month. By the way, dogs accounted for 40%, so partners are “easier to let go than dogs.” Other results are as follows.

  • 47%: Give up sexual negotiations during the same period if you let go of your smartphone for a month
  • 44%: If you spend 5 days without your smartphone, you will be summoned by a jury during the same period.
  • 41%: 1 month If you don’t have your smartphone, you don’t need TV, movies, music or podcasts for the same period

Smartphone survey
You may want to argue that these results are possible because they are temporary. However, the survey also asked about living without a smartphone forever, with 54% of women and 42% of men saying they would choose a smartphone instead of giving up exercising forever. In addition, 39% of the respondents said that they could give up all future vacations.
Also, when asked how much they can afford to keep their smartphones on hand, 66% of the baby boomer generation (born in the late 1940s and early 1960s) are between $ 0 and $ 500, and 17% are $ 500. $ 1,000 to $ 1,000, 10% said $ 1,000 to $ 2,000. Millennials (born early 1980 to late 1990), on the other hand, cost $ 0 to $ 500 for 40%, $ 500 to $ 1,000 for 19%, and $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 for 19%, more than baby boomers. Was willing to accept.
By the way, 12% of the respondents said they would pay between $ 10,000 and $ 15,000 a year. Of course, it’s a study that will change results if you actually face the same situation, but this series of results shows why the iPhone continues to make huge profits to Apple.
Source: SimpleTexting via DeseretNews

Source: iPhone Mania

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