The conference is not over yet!Apple Macbook with self-developed ARM chip is expected to be released next month

Apple’s certification document submitted to the Eurasian Economic Commission contains two brand-new Macbooks, which largely confirms that Apple will release a brand-new Macbook equipped with self-developed Apple silicon chips next month.

The dust has settled on Apple’s iPhone 12 conference this week, and people’s attention can turn to Apple’s upcoming release of laptops equipped with Apple silicon chips. Next month, Apple will not only release a new macOS operating system, but also MacBook laptops equipped with self-developed chips. Apple’s latest documentation confirms that such products will definitely appear.

The conference is not over yet!Apple Macbook with self-developed ARM chip is expected to be released next month

The details and models of related products come from the certification documents Apple provided to the Eurasian Economic Commission.

Many of the lists in the document are for existing Mac computers. Considering that macOS 11 Big Sur is about to be released and Apple will install an updated operating system on new Mac computers, the relevant certification is also applicable to old Mac computers that use the new system.

Three different models of Mac computers (A2147, A2158 and A2182) have been launched in June this year. The certification submitted by Apple may be a different configuration of the existing model, such as adding a more powerful graphics card.

This means that the other five new models may be new Mac computers that Apple will release (models A2348, A2438, A2439, A2337 and A2338). Three of them look like desktop computers, and the other two look like Macbooks. Given that the Eurasian Economic Commission’s certification is usually around the release date (about a few weeks), this is more consistent with the news that Apple released a new Macbook product in mid-November.

The new Macbook will be the first batch of Mac computers equipped with ARM processors to go on sale, in line with Cook’s statement at the 2020 Global Developers Conference that users can buy computers with Apple’s silicon chips before the end of this year.

Some invited developers can already access ARM hardware through the Developer Transition Kit. This is a modified Mac Mini that uses the A12X ARM chip designed for the iPad series. Apple’s move is to allow developers to develop macOS applications under the ARM processor, ensuring that many popular games can run smoothly under the ARM processor architecture.

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