IPhone 12 sold out in Japan and overseas, resold by vendors in Taiwan for over 250,000 yen

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The iPhone 12 series is gaining popularity both at home and abroad, and many models are sold out on the first day. Taking advantage of such a situation, some companies are trying to resell at high prices overseas.

Although the high price of over 250,000 was attached

The iPhone12 series will be available for simultaneous worldwide reservation for the first time as an iPhone at 9 pm (Japan time) on October 16th.
In Japan, popular models are sold out within a few hours from the start of reservation, but in other countries, it is becoming popular that the stock disappears from carriers and EC site stores in an instant. It has been reported that it sold out in 1 minute at a major online store in Taiwan and 30 seconds on the Chinese EC site The most popular colors are blue for iPhone 12 and Pacific blue for iPhone 12 Pro.
Resellers are the ones who make a leap forward. In Greater China, it is customary to procure a large number of iPhones from home and abroad in anticipation of shortages of iPhones and sell them at a higher price than the regular price even before the release. At the time of the release of the iPhone 6s, which became an unprecedented iPhone boom, the rose gold 128GB model was priced at just under 400,000 yen in China. In Taiwan this year as well, it has been confirmed that a vendor is selling a popular model of iPhone 12 for about NT $ 70,000 (about 250,000 yen).
iphone12 resale taiwan
iphone12 resale taiwan

However, according to the program that reported this resale, it seems that there are no purchasers so far.
iphone12 resale taiwan

Compared to the past year, the distribution channel of the market has been established and it is relatively easy to obtain, and consumers are more cautious about being caught by fake, so they bother to buy at a high price in a suspicious place. There is no need to do it. In fact, even at auction sites such as Mercari and Yahoo! Auctions (formerly Yahoo Auctions) in Japan, we could not confirm the resale of the iPhone 12 series at the time of writing (as of October 17) (it seems that there are some on ebay).
Source: Yahoo! TV, Phoenix New Media

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