Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has asked the government to scrutinize Apple

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg seems to feel that the US government is “spoiling” Apple more than they are. It turns out that Zuckerberg has appealed to government officials to conduct a stricter investigation into TikTok and Apple.

Name TikTok and Apple?

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said at a hearing in the US House of Representatives, “There are many rivals. It’s hard to name one.” I refused to put it out. But in reality, at least it seems to have positioned Apple as a clear rival.
An interview with The Wall Street Journal revealed a conversation between Zuckerberg and government officials, revealing that he is asking the government to investigate TikTok and Apple further. It was.
TikTok is currently about to implement a download ban by the U.S. Trump administration, but Zuckerberg also argued that Apple wasn’t scrutinized “for many Americans”. He said that monitoring should be done in the same way as social networking services (SNS) like ours.

Apple is a headache for Facebook

A Facebook spokesman told The Wall Street Journal that “there is no fact that the administration has implied a ban on TikTok,” denying some reports.
That said, it’s no secret that Apple is an eye-opener for Facebook, whose profits are in the advertising business. With iOS14, we will be able to limit targeted advertising at the user’s discretion as part of enhancing user privacy. If a user refuses to track the app, they will not be able to get the website or location information they are browsing, which is a big blow to companies that develop advertisements.
As a result, Facebook’s Chief Financial Officer (CRO) has been “attacked (by Apple),” and David Wener, Chief Financial Officer, “has expanded with advertising.” The situation will be tougher for app developers and others who are trying to do it, “he said, expressing a sense of crisis about the new features of iOS 14.
Source: WSJ via AppleInsider, Huffpost

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