Visual effects using LiDAR of iPhone13 Pro Max are talked about ~ Shooting Shibuya

lidar iphone13 pro

Augmented reality (AR) visual effects (VFX) using LiDAR of iPhone13 Pro series have been released and have become a hot topic.

Code published on Github

Keijiro Takahashi (@_kzr), an evangelist at Unity Technologies Japan, published Bibcam as a proof of concept for an idea called “burnt-in barcode metadata” and created Bibcam Vfx as a sample project. The state of Shibuya is filtered like the world of science fiction.

According to Takahashi, by using this format, you can record, edit, and play AR-compatible video clips without worrying about asynchrony with external tracking data.
Source: Bibcam, BibcamVfx

Source: iPhone Mania

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