The screen turns pink on the iPhone 13 series-software malfunction?

IPhone 13 with a pink screen

A new phenomenon that seems to be a malfunction has been reported for Apple’s iPhone 13 series, which is selling well.
It seems that part or all of the screen will turn pink.

Part or all of the screen turns pink

According to My Drivers who are reporting this problem, the iPhone 13 series has a phenomenon that the screen turns pink.
It is said that a part of the screen turns pink, a pink block is displayed, or the entire screen turns pink.
IPhone 13 with the entire screen turned pink

IPhone 13 with a part of the screen turned pink

At the same time as this phenomenon, there are reports that problems such as slowdown and automatic restart occur at the same time.

A phenomenon limited to China?

Most of the reports of this phenomenon are from China and may be limited to Chinese models.
There were reports that the screen turned pink on three models: iPhone13, iPhone13 Pro, and iPhone13 Pro Max.
The iPhone 13 series has shown strong sales in China, and has been the top seller in terms of both unit sales and profits for the sixth straight week since mid-November.
As far as I can see the screenshot, the status bar icon etc. are displayed correctly, so Gizchina predicts that it is a software defect, not a hardware defect.
However, it seems that the problem was not solved by restoring the settings or updating iOS.
So far, Apple hasn’t provided any information on this subject.

Source: MyDrivers via Gizchina

Source: iPhone Mania

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