Telegram showcases its payment options under the Premium standard

Telegram Premium

MGI instant messaging service They are constantly reinventing themselves to grab the attention of their users. All of these systems were free for decades, although we still remember WhatsApp’s first few years and its insignificant cost in the App Store. However, there are rumors that Telegram could make the leap to paid services under the “Premium” slogan, offering users interesting features. Finally, we already have Telegram Premium for € 5,49 per month and an exclusive option for many subscribers, what you have.

Telegram Premium is already a reality: € 5,49 per month

Today, we’re launching Telegram Premium, a subscription that allows you to support the continued growth of Telegram and give you access to other exclusive features. This will allow us to offer all the expensive features that users have been asking us for years, while maintaining free access to the most powerful messaging on the planet.

That’s what Telegram gives to launch a payment model for your free app. This Telegram Premium paid subscription will allow the app to maintain support and all the infrastructure behind it for years to come. However, as an immediate benefit, subscribers will have exclusive options, many of which are visual, that will allow them to earn VIP badges in the app.

Key innovations include file uploads up to 4 GB. The current limit is 2GB. However, other users without a subscription can download these files even without the premium version. These subscribers will also be able to speed up your downloads to the maximum bandwidth allowed by your connection.

Furthermore, all limitations that have existed so far have been replicated. That means you can access 1000 groups and channels (500 in the free version), 10 canned chats (instead of 5), 20 personalized access links for your account (instead of 10), save 400 favorite GIFs (200 for the free version) and more limits. That is, all existing constraints are duplicates.

Other features include the ability to instantly transcribe audio to text, access stickers and reactions to advanced messages, improve chat management on the home screen, animate profile pictures and the ability to add a “Premium” badge next to our name. All These features can all be accessed through the same app for €5,49 per month.

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