The New M1 Ultra is Absurd

Apple released a brand new chip called the M1 Ultra as well as a new desktop computer. Marques and Andrew go through everything that we saw in the announcement and give their thoughts on the new product.

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  1. Now would actually be the prime time for Apple to jump into the server market. A non-GUI version of MacOS, run exclusively on their server hardware, running M1 chips. The chips are perfect for server architecture. Fast, minimal heat, and low-powered. They've competed with Windows/PC for ever, and are killing it. Now it's time to look in the direction of Linux and offer competition for that market (big-business server) too.

  2. Question: Please tell us when using the Photoshop Magic Brush, is there any difference in performance between the Mac Studio Max Vs Ultra? The Magic brush uses GPU power so it should be much better on the Ultra. Thanks

  3. It's not as good , in terms of performance. If you're comparing it to older intel chips then it's absurd . In terms of efficiency it's absurd too , but it's not as powerful in terms of true raw performance.

  4. I have been using Windows machines for about 25 years and am now using a mac book pro for the first time as UK businesses are dishing them out as a 'perk'. So the hardware is pretty good, battery life good, nice screen, etc. But the software is appalling. OSX is just not a mature operating system compared to Windows. So many keyboard shortcuts are 3 or 4 keys!! I can't find a half decent free image editor. There's sooo many bugs everywhere. I am in hell!!

  5. You guys talking like you invented the fucking Ship, you are doing a fucking podcast about a ship name and shapes, you are talking about it like this is major world issue.

  6. My concern is that the fan seems to be burried and difficult to service and clean. There also doesn’t seem to be any prefiltation. So that is going to be an ongoing problem of cleaning by design. Am I wrong?

  7. It might be a great computer, but its power is obsolete! Meanwhile, you can build a very powerful PC with the same money, and it will last longer, it will be open, will be upgradeable, and expandable.

  8. I know this comment is weird. Marques is one of the only guys to use a microphone correctly. His mouth is 10-12 inches off the microphone, you can see his whole face. There is no reason to have a $300 mic one inch from your mouth. BTC uses his the same way.

  9. Much like a car company going our new 1.5 cylinder engine uses far less fuel when driving at 70mph compared to a Lamborghini Aventador…

    No shade on the processing, impressive but the GPU claims are misleading.

  10. I thought the "modularity" claim would manifest into an endlessly stackable system. Like…. physically stacking macs on each other. But it would require some form of an "Ultra-Connect" cable to tap into that Ultra-Fusion Architecture and actually realize such a "modular" system.

  11. @1:57 IMO, Samsung should stay out of “clapping back”; Or else there will be a revisiting of this tweet 12-18 months later after Samsung “piggybacking” On what Apple is doing… There is a track history of this mess.

  12. My take on this to Never buy a apple PC as Next year you get twice the performance ( Save your money $$ ) , But if you are a reviewer its your year !!