iPadOS 16 RANT: They're losing me…

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  1. Apple can't win. If they allow Stage Manager on pre-M1 iPads and it works like crap without a lot of time and effort optimizing it than everyone's complaining how crappy the feature is.

  2. Apple DID lose me. I returned my M1 Ipad pro and magic keyboard and got fully refunded for both of them. I got the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 instead. I spent over $2,700 for the M1 Ipad Pro 2TB wifi-cellular equipped and keyboard, only to be struck with how limited (okay useless) it was for my design work that requires me to use professional apps that I couldn't use with IpadOS; they only work with MacOS. Can't drag around a desktop wherever I go, and I don't like their MacBooks.

    Not to mention the MacBooks are not touchscreen, and I need a device that has a screen I can draw on. I still have my Ipad Air 4th generation and use it for nothing serious, so I won't be buying another Ipad; there's no reason to. Ipads now are just overpriced tablets for…teenagers, with zero PROfressional functionality. They're heading towards obsoletedom. When I upgrade my Iphone, I'm looking at Android offerings instead, which will leave my Ipad Air 4th generation to be a lone duck among my family of devices. No incentive for me to buy anymore Apple products, not unless the Ipad Pro actully becomes a pro device that I can use in my design profession, which currently I can't.

  3. I had one of the original 12.9 iPad pro’s and adored it. It was my primary device for several and I was waiting to pull the trigger on a new one when Apple finally give it the software device it deserves. In that interim time, all of the specialized features that were on my original iPad Pro moved down to the baseline ipad. Apple Pencil support, magic keyboard support, and more. I finally just got tired of waiting and moved my entire workflow over to a M1 macmini about a year ago. I finally traded in that original iPad Pro with a terrible battery for a new base iPad, and I haven’t felt much of a change at all. The only complaint is the lack of quad speakers.

    I really wanted the iPad Pro to be the next great professional tool, but I am starting to doubt that apple will ever do it.

  4. watching this rant on my Galaxy tab s 8 plus…….in dex mode.
    As Kryton from Red Dwarf would say…engaging smug mode !

  5. I want to enjoy my iPad so much but I find myself almost never using it simply because my iPhone can just do more. I can never find a reason to actually pick it up over my phone. I wanted to buy the new m1 iPad mini but I just can’t find a justification to actually make the purchase. It’s a shame

  6. Thank YOU!!! You ranted on ALL of my RANTS.. I bought the 05/2020 I spent $2000 for my 2021 iPad Pro 12.9 (512GB) with the Magic Keyboard and a Magic Trackpad 2 (yeah the biggie).. Anyway, why Apple would do this is Mind Boggling…. Thank You for expressing what we are ALL thinking.. APPLE TAKE NOTE……. 🇺🇸

  7. This makes me annoyed. So whats coming for people with ipad mini 6 models, or ipad 9th gen. Thats what I want to know.

  8. It's pretty simple. Apple just wanna keep you buying more and more iPads. I for one won't be buying another iPad until the Pro Apps are included. 👍🏼

  9. Yeah Apple lost me, I'm getting a 13" Lenovo Duet with OLED screen for $300. Microsoft has had a full version of Windows on tablets for years. I purchased a $150 Nuvision 11" tablet years ago running a full version of Windows 10.

  10. I don't see Apple making the iPad Pro just as capable as the Mac because why buy Macs if this lighter and more portable machine has the same functionality? I wouldn't.

  11. people: apple needs to take more advantages with the m1 chip on ipad
    apple: reveals stage manager only for m1 ipads

    im a talking fox

  12. Finally, a YouTuber who criticizes Apple. All the other YouTubers have a filter and only speak good about Apple

  13. Why on Earth should the OS introduce apps? These are technically bloatware. Download apps. Let the OS be the OS. Ah yes I see, you like the walle…. ecosystem!

  14. I want audio input/output control so i can use a usb mic on facetime, and listen through my airpods.

  15. The only ones wanting iPad to be more like a Mac are tech YouTubers which make up about 1 percent of users.

  16. Stage manager at least for 5 apps would be enough for students (who mostly buy iPads on A chip). I don’t understand why apple didn’t add this feature

  17. This is what happens when you have an all white team sprinkled with a few token minorities… A lack of diversity leads to GROUP THOUGHT… #AppleSoWhite

  18. So frustrating for people who need and use the Pencil for WORK on iPad. “Just buy a MacBook” is not an option because they refuse to incorporate a touch screen.

  19. 9:32 Is it true that you can't continue to charge the iPad when it's at 100%? I heard that when it's fully charged, the electric power will be pulled from the charger and rest the battery. And I know that keeping your battery at 100% for a long time will degrade your battery life, however how long is "a long time"? Is it 1 day, 3 days, or maybe 1 week?

    How about always keep the battery at 100% for let say 1-3 days at desk use, after that use the battery until it reach like 30% to cycle the battery performance? It is a win-win solution, right?

    I hope someone can really clarify this because there are a lot of different opinions out there.

  20. so glad I bought the Samsung Tab S8 Ultra instead of a new iPad Pro … 🙂 Couldn´t agree more with you … Stagemanager … is … meh … stupid even. The unused space is just dumb.

  21. I agree. That's why I sold my iPad and upgraded my iPhone. iPhone + Macbook Pro = Happy Life.

  22. Well said. I continue to hold out with my iPad Mini 4, plus third party keyboard and stylus. Even the iPad Mini 6 was too little to late. Instead I bought an M1 Mac Mini to use with my 27” Cinema Display.

  23. Funny, I'm watching this on my Surface Pro 8. Much better at being a computer and not a toy than the iPad Pro. Plus, I don't need to have two devices (iPad and Macbook). iOS/iPadOS is the main reason why I won't buy an iPad Pro. I DON"T EDIT VIDEOS OR PHOTOS!!! So, buying a "Pro" device that is ONLY good at video and photo editing, performs the exact same way (or worst) when it comes to web-based functions, is terrible at multi-tasking and multi-windows support, and doesn't have the professional grade applications that I use on a daily basis (like SolidWorks, MATLAB, or real MS Office) makes absolutely no sense to me. The battery life is excellent, but if you can't do anything useful with the extra battery life, what good is it? Apple's iOS/iPadOS ecosystem is top-notched, but if it doesn't have the professional applications that you need (for the 99.99% of the population that aren't professional video and photo editors), it is a minus and not a plus.

    The iPad has always been a device for leisure use or something that you would give to a child to keep them entertained. Making it only good at video and photo editing, while ignoring every other profession, doesn't suddenly make it a "Pro" device. Unfortunately, you had to waste over $1000 on an iPad Pro, plus over $300 if you paid for the magic keyboard, and the cost of all of the other accessories, just to find this out. If you had just bought a device that actually met all of your needs then, like a Surface Pro or Macbook, instead of hoping that the iPad Pro would somehow grow into your needs later on, you could have saved yourself a lot of heartache.

  24. Here's the deal: you guys are still going to fawn all over every Apple hardware event. You're still going to fall for Apple adding half-baked basic features to their hardware/software that's behind everyone else in the tech industry, then believe, without any evidence, that the feature is somehow better because Apple gave it a cool name. You're still going to fawn over benchmarks when it looks like Apple is winning, and then ignore those same benchmarks when it looks like Apple is losing. You're still going to hate companies that do stuff better than Apple, then praise Apple when they copy from those same companies, only to say the Apple somehow invented or made the stuff better when you think that everyone has forgotten your original hatred. You're still going to fawn over how good Apple products look, whether they meet your computing needs or not. Worst of all, you are still going to buy Apple's products, even if there is something better for less. You will even wear the fact that you got conned into buying a pretty, yet useless or gimped Apple product as a badge of honor. If you're teenager or still have a teenager's mentality, you will even think that owning an Apple product is somehow a status symbol, even though most of the adult world just thinks that you're naive.

    Apple is never going to add everything you want or feel that their products need to their products. They have no incentive to, because they know that you, the guy who displays empty Apple product boxes on your wall instead of pictures of your family, friends, or real art, will buy their products anyway.

  25. Stage Manager = Company staging enhancements at a glacial pace to ensure $$$$$$$$$ over multiple quarters. Replaced my iPhone with an Android O/S phone. I am a very happy customer!!!

  26. I’m sticking with my A14Z iPad Pro. I got my iPad refurbished for a great deal, but I can’t say I would ever spend the money on a brand new one when I can’t even use Logic Pro or creative cloud on it


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