The WORST Airpods I've EVER Cleaned… (WARNING: GROSS)

Thank you so much for watching, I apologize for the angles and sound quality. I really tried my best. Also, I apologize for my WorkingManHands. Thank you all for your support 🙂 As promised, here are the links!
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  1. Okay u should we my dads he does hair so he works at the barbershop and his AirPods are full of air lol

  2. to be completely honest. it doesn’t look that bad from a far view. but it’s when it’s up close you can see all the squishy and mushy and gross bits.

  3. Hi there! Little note… I was cleaning out my AirPods using 70% iso, and let me tell you. Please. Do not. Try to clean the bottom with iso. I did. Now I don’t have a speaker. The wiring broke.

  4. Haha I’m using AirPods and I have just looked inside the case and the AirPods. I have decided to throw them away and never look at them again. Why? Hint: e a r w a x

  5. 😳👁️🙌👀😡😰😤❤️☺️😂😎💗🇮🇳🤣😆😀💛🌞💞😖😍🤢😁✅🙂🤗😄😊😘👍🐈🐱🤠😜🔥😱
    Who has these many "recently used emojis" ??👂

  6. Has anyones headphones connected to your phone or saying these are not your airpods

  7. My dad’s AirPods were holy hell. The case was so dirty and packed with dirt (he works in construction) that it wouldn’t close. You couldn’t even charge them because the charger wouldn’t fit into the port because of how much junk was in it. The AirPods themselves were covered in earwax and packed with dirt. It was so satisfying to be able to clean them but I know they’ll get that same level of dirty in a few months.


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