IOS 14.3 FULL REVIEW On iPhone XR!


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  1. Hi bro! I have some problems with my camera I have an iPhone XR and idk whats the problem. Would u mind helping me with that, pleaseeeeeeeeee??

  2. Yes ! I am experiencing almost half battery life , I bought with ios13.7 and what a magical ios it was ?? i was getting 10-12 hrs screen on time and suddenly ios 14 update came in the picture and it ruined my battery life , now i am running on iOS 14.2 and getting only 5-6 hrs screen on time and have to charge twice in a day i hope further updates will fix battery drain issue in iphone xr ?????

  3. Bro tell me how u get iPhone 12 series wallpaper on xr plzz tell me I want this wall papper

  4. Here it is, the video I overlooked. This video is nicely done and the film quality is beautiful. So, Jay, I’ll keep an eye on your videos, I shouldn’t miss one of them but you see, it happens once in a while. Take care, brother, enjoy the evening and be blessed ? ? ☺️ ? ? ?✌️???❣️

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