Android 12 Top 10 NEW Features – What You Should Know

Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today’s video, we play with Android 12 Beta. This is version 2.
Hoping most of this makes it into the skin of Samsung One UI.

Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
0:54 New Widget Layout
1:56 Quick Settings Tiles
3:07 Camera / Mic Access
5:13 Custom Icons
8:06 Extra Dim
9:14 Storage Tiles / Swiping
10:30 Charging Animation
11:14 Easy Pause Apps
11:46 Quick Tap
13:00 Music Notification Widget
13:31 Closing

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  1. What's your Favorite Features? I'll go first. The ability to grant or deny camera/mic access with 1 touch.

  2. I like the new security features but hate everything else. Bring back Android 8 Oreo, the best version of Android

  3. Your mobile covers are so awesome 😍 please make a video on that too and please share buying links 🤩😍 i have Samsung Galaxy A50 please share Galaxy phone covers links😍🤩

  4. hey jimmy i don't have the android 12 i have the galaxy A51 how come you have it didn't show up on my software update settings

  5. I always wanted the Extra Dim feature since I watch youtube videos before sleep and even at 0% brightness it's still bright for my eyes

  6. The cropping icon shape thing had been there in stock android for a WHILE, but Samsung seems to hate it. I SOOO want this feature in the next OneUI update!!!

  7. And what if I do want to turn on/off the Wi-Fi? I can't do it from the toggles anymore? 😪🤔

  8. Hey Jimmy, I follow your Channel you probably a bunch of great info. I was wondering if you could do a vid or give your thoughts on the “Dragino helium miner”. Again man love your content!

  9. Yet another round of mostly small refinements and layout changes without adding any killer apps. Changes for changes sake. I grow weary of having to constantly relearn my phone.

  10. I owned the S21 but bought the pixel 5 to try out. Loved it so much I sold my S21 and happily stayed with my pixel 5 for over a month. Seeing this new Android 12 layout with gigantic no tiles caused me to chuck the pixel 5 in my draw and buy an S21 again.

  11. I feel like I'm the only one not happy with the new looking setup. It seems like we're going backwards to one day go forward again. We're going from nice minimal tiles to massive ones with more pages to swipe through?? One day they will go back to small to clean it up again and we're going to say "now everything is smaller and cleaner"

  12. Hey Jimmy i have a question hope you can HELP ok i bought a11 samsung galaxy and after the recent update this started happening when ever i delete something theres a banner that shows on the bottom saying what was deleted it stays for maybe 1min or so itll be on top of keyboard cant swipe it away its annoying😫. it does it on s9+ but it disappears in seconds but not on a11?

  13. Alot of these options Samsung already implements in someway or another. So alot this won't be new for Samsung owners ie. When android finally got split screen. It will probably not change Samsung phones that much like in the past.

  14. At the point in the video in which you were talking about the lock screen I noticed something that I have seen in other videos. The clock itself took up the entire screen. Does Samsung give you an option to change the size and style of clock for those who don't like the style or size? If they do not, will I be able to change it through Good Lock?

  15. for android 12 portrait screen mode gives a big change, but what about the display when the screen is tilted, a lot of the display area is cut off because google never discusses support for tilt screen in every release of new os, The bigger the smartphone screen, the better to enjoy multimedia on a tilted screen.

  16. I think that the button that makes the screen dimmer I might use just the opposite. I might put the brightness all of the way up for outside use then hit the dimmer button for normal inside use. That’s probably my favorite feature. My second favorite is the animation when you press a button.


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