iOS14 SpringKit concept

According to Motherboard, a tech media company under VICE, it seems that the leaked iOS 14 was originally released along with the iPhone 11 on which it was installed.

IPhone 11 with iOS 14 installed as of December 2019

According to information from the jailbreak community familiar with leak information, someone first got an iPhone 11 with iOS 14 under development installed.

It seems that the iPhone 11 was sold for thousands of dollars from a Chinese vendor, and someone who got it extracted the development version of iOS 14 and started distributing it to the jailbreak community and the hacking community.

The entire iOS leaked, not just some screenshots

So far, some features have been leaked, including screenshots of the next iOS, but the entire OS was unheard of, Motherboard reports.

A lot of information such as unreleased products and new features has been found in the leaked source code of iOS 14. However, since these are development versions 8 months before the details are announced at WWDC 2020, it is expected that not all the new features discovered will be implemented.

Source: Motherboard
Photo: Parker Ortolani / Twitte

Source: iPhone Mania