Password Manager Resources

Apple launched an open source password manager project for developers on June 5th local time. The goal is to make it easy for developers to generate strong passwords that are compatible with websites that are heavily used by users.

Expanding the scope of iCloud Keychain

Apple has already provided “iCloud Keychain”, a mechanism that associates user names and passwords used in Safari browsers, credit cards, Wi-Fi passwords, and SNS login information with Apple IDs, and stores them encrypted. You can even generate, store, and auto-fill a strong password for each account so you don’t have to remember them.

The “Password Manager Resource” project announced this time aims to expand the scope of application of this password management function. Apple explains:

“Password Manager Resource” is an open source project that uses “iCloud Keychain” password manager to integrate the requirements for each website and generate a strong and unique password .. The project also includes websites that share the sign-in system, links to website pages where users have changed their passwords, and more.

Apple has made “Password Manager Resources” available on GitHub, making it available to everyone.

Source:Apple,Password Manager Resources/Github

Source: iPhone Mania