Apple Design Award

Apple awarded the Apple Design Award to eight developers for app design, innovation, ingenuity, and technical achievements.

Apps that inspired Apple win awards

This year’s winners of the Apple Design Award have been announced for apps that give users new ways to work, create and play, regardless of how big or small the developer is.

Ron Okamoto, vice president of worldwide developer relations at Apple, commented on the award:

We pay homage to the extraordinary technical skills that application and game developers demonstrate each year, and we admire the best of the best. Winning the Apple Design Award is a special and commendable achievement. All past winners have created unprecedented, truly remarkable applications and games. The award-winning developers, through their level of foresight, determination, and proficiency, inspire not only fellow Apple’s developer community, but us all at Apple.


Bergen Co. – “Darkroom”

Apple Design Award

Darkroom, a powerful photo and video editing app with a beautiful and easy-to-use interface, was evaluated for its intuitive operation, high performance, and edit screen layout. The app is described by Apple as “a work that serves as a model for high-end mobile editing tools.” – “Looom”

Apple Design Award

“Looom,” which allows you to play looping stop-motion hand-drawn animations and play, was praised for its interface that stimulates creativity and the design that both experienced and beginners can enjoy. The app takes full advantage of Apple technologies such as Apple Pencil and Dark Mode.

Shapr3D Zartkoruen Mukodo Reszvenytarsasag – “Shapr3D”

Apple Design Award

Apple has commented that “Shapr3D”, a powerful CAD app for iPad, has the potential to drastically change the construction work in the architectural and technical fields. With just an iPad and Apple Pencil, technical designers can easily create complex 3D models with a powerful and rich modeling toolset. The app will soon implement AR functionality using the LiDAR scanner.

StaffPad Ltd. – “StaffPad”

Apple Design Award

The StaffPad is a stunning conversion of handwritten music into digital music, designed for composers looking for a simple solution to digitally write and compose music. The app uses Apple technologies such as Apple Pencil, drag and drop, and Core ML to convert each handwritten measure into a beautifully engraved score.

Game version

Simogo, Annapurna Interactive – “Sayonara Wild Hearts”

Apple Design Award

The hopeful, beautiful and unique pop album game “Sayonara Wild Hearts” has been lauded for its outstanding design since its launch. The app excites the adrenaline of the player and raises the soul.

thatgamecompany – “Sky Star Children”

Apple Design Award

Helping heavenly people find a way to return to paradise as players fly across the vast landscape of the Magic Kingdom, the’Sky Star Spinning Kids’ skillfully incorporates multiplayer elements into a graphic. Is also trying to show it in an adventurous way.

Philipp Stollenmayer – “Song of Bloom”

Apple Design Award

In a unique piece, “Song of Bloom,” in which a non-linear storyline is drawn through a skillfully designed puzzle, players will continue to explore the story in a rapidly changing art style.

The Game Band, Snowman – “Where Cards Fall”

Apple Design Award

In “Where Cards Fall,” an adventure game that cuts out one page of your life, players make homes with cards and dig up memories of their childhood. The app uses Apple technologies such as Metal, Haptic, Game Center, and iCloud to create a lively, dream-like space puzzle featuring immersive audio and a unique miniature art style.


Source: iPhone Mania