The British government newly regulates the use of smartphones while driving-Countermeasures against loopholes that allow “distracted driving”

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In the UK, there are “loopholes” that can be used in certain situations, even though the law currently prohibits the use of smartphones while driving. A new law has been amended to address this issue.

Is it OK if it is not communication?

The British government has amended the law on the use of mobile devices, including smartphones, while driving. This is a “loophole” measure that allows you to use your iPhone or other smartphone while driving if you have a purpose such as shooting a video.
Like Japan, many countries around the world now have laws prohibiting the use of smartphones while driving from the perspective of accident prevention. For example, in Japan, “distracted driving”, in which you gaze at the screen of your smartphone while driving (it is said to be 2 seconds or more), is regarded as a problem, and if you violate it, a fine of 18,000 yen will be applied to ordinary cars.
However, in the case of the United Kingdom, there was room for interpretation that allowed “distracted driving” in the law. The only legal issue was the use of “two-way communication” devices, with phone calls and message exchanges in mind. Therefore, it was possible to claim that it did not violate the law in uses such as video recording and games that do not involve two-way communication.

If you notice, the law becomes obsolete

In fact, a man who was found guilty of filming a car accident in northern London in 2019 has successfully appealed for not violating the law because he only used the camera. As a result, the High Court urged a review and improvement, saying the law, 16 years after its enactment, did not reflect the status quo. 16 years ago, smartphones like today do not exist.
Under the new law, drivers will still be able to use their smartphones, but only for hands-free use, such as fixing them to a Bluetooth or holster. Also, for example, when paying with Apple Pay using an iPhone at a drive-through type restaurant, it is considered that the use is exceptionally permitted. Enforcement will be from 2021.
In 2008, Apple obtained a “lockout” patent that measures the movement speed with GPS and partially stops the function when the smartphone user is the driver.
Source: AppleInsider

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