2021 Apple iPhone Launch Conference Lazy Pack: iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPad mini, iPad, Apple Watch S7 update summary

The 2021 Apple Autumn iPhone Presentation will be held in the early hours of this morning. The content includes the anticipated iPhone 13 series models, Apple Watch S7, 9th generation iPad function updates, and the launch of the new version of iPad min is a highlight. The Apple Autumn Conference also announced the prices and launch dates of a series of new products. The following summarizes the key updates of the new products of this conference.

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini: smaller screen notch, longer power, new camera module, priced at 22,900 yuan

Today, as expected, Apple announced the new iPhone 13 series. The first to debut are the 6.1-inch iPhone 13 and 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini with dual-camera lenses. Although at first glance they are similar to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, except for the processor. Upgraded to A15 Bionic and replaced with a new generation Super Retina XDR screen with a smaller groove, the main camera module also uses a new photosensitive element, the wide-angle lens and ultra-wide-angle dual lens elements are both upgraded, especially the wide-angle lens is a new 1.7μm large The 12MP pixel element and the photosensitive element are shifted to prevent hand vibration and the Cinematic Mode for automatic lens movement. The most important thing is that compared with the previous generation, it also has improved battery life and IP68 water resistance. The minimum storage capacity also starts from 128GB.

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A picture to understand the full range of Apple iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro: The lens module has been greatly upgraded, fully equipped with A15 chip, and the price starts at 22,900 yuan

With Apple in the photo.Relevant, including angle, product design, product, design, line

▲ The iPhone 13 series offers 5 colors.

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini are available in 5 colors: pink, blue, midnight, starlight, and (PRODUCT)RED, and available in 3 capacities of 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. It will be available in Taiwan on September 17. Pre-orders will be accepted at 8pm and will be officially launched on September 24. The recommended price of iPhone 13 mini starts at 22,900 yuan/$699, and the recommended price of iPhone 13 starts at 25,900 yuan/$799.

Super Retina, DR 1200nits, Нaptic are mentioned in the photo, which are related to the North German Express, including unlimited possibilities, graphic design, digital display advertising, display devices, and fonts

▲ The iPhone 13 series is equipped with a Super Display XDR panel with a maximum brightness of 1200 nits.

The front camera and Face ID module of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini are reduced by 40% compared with the previous generation, further improving the integrity of the screen. At the same time, the Super Display XDR technology OLED panel used this time is also brighter than the previous generation. It achieves a maximum brightness of 1200nits under HDR color rendering, and the standard maximum brightness is 600nits, which is 28% higher than that of the iPhone 12. Of course, it also conforms to the DCI-P3 wide color gamut. The outer layer of the screen has super magnetic crystal shield technology to provide enhanced protection.

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▲The new internal mechanism increases the available battery space compared to the previous generation.

The iPhone 13 series emphasizes the re-adjustment of internal mechanisms, coupled with the use of new screen panels, new camera modules and other factors to free up more battery space inside. Therefore, the battery capacity of iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini are better than those of the previous generation, and supplemented With the new processor, communication chip and energy management, the iPhone 13 mini has a 1.5-hour battery life longer than the iPhone 12 mini, while the iPhone 13 has a 2.5-hour battery life higher than the iPhone 12; of course, the iPhone 13 series can also use MagSafe magnetic charging Accessories.

The photo mentioned 15 billion, 2х GPU:, 50% faster, including connectivity, graphic design, design, multimedia, and products

▲ The A15 processor of the iPhone 13 series weakens the GPU than the iPhone 13 Pro series, but still emphasizes that it is significantly ahead of the flagship processor of the Android camp.

The core processor of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 is the non-full-blooded A15 Bionic. Compared with the Pro series, the GPU scale is reduced. It uses a 6-core CPU with a 4-core GPU. However, Apple emphasizes that the CPU performance is 50% higher than the Android competitors. %, GPU is also 30% higher in performance, and it is also equipped with a neural core with 15.6TFLOPS performance, providing ultra-high-performance AI acceleration applications, such as instant messaging, instant translation, etc., and more importantly for the iPhone 13 series Add unique Cinematic Mode video recording.

The photo mentioned Portrait, Night mode, on all cameras, including multimedia, mobile devices, mobile phones, mobile phones, and wallpapers

▲ Although the dual camera modules of iPhone 13 maintain dual 12MP, they are all new photosensitive elements.

The photo mentioned 12MP, Wide, New 1.7 um sensor, including lens, camera, lens, electronic products, product design

▲The wide-angle lens is the largest component in the previous dual-lens iPhone.

The photo mentioned 12MP, Ultra Wide, New, faster sensor, including lens, camera, lens, product design, screenshots

▲The ultra-wide-angle lens also improves the focusing speed.

The photo contains electronic products, electronic products, computer hardware, computers, and screenshots

▲The wide-angle lens not only has a large pixel size of 1.7μm, but also adopts the displacement type of the photosensitive element to prevent hand vibration.

The camera hardware is a key upgrade of the iPhone 13. Although the specifications still maintain dual 12MP lenses, both lenses are upgraded versions. The ultra-wide-angle lens uses a faster focusing element, and the main element is the area of ​​the previous dual-lens iPhone. The largest 1.7μm large-pixel element increases the light input by 47% compared to the iPhone 12’s main lens. It also has anti-vibration technology for the displacement of the photosensitive element, and both the wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lenses can support night shooting mode.

The photo mentioned 00:00:08, AF TRACKING LOCK, including darkness, wallpaper, night, instrument, computer

▲Cinematic Mode combines image recognition with AI to automatically switch the focus subject according to the interaction of the characters in the screen.

This time, the iPhone 13’s main feature called Cinematic Mode’s photography function is based on the powerful AI function of A15 Bionic. It uses image recognition combined with AI analysis. The interaction of the characters automatically switches the focus objects, which can easily produce the effect similar to the movie lens, and also supports the Dolby Vision HDR shooting format up to 4K 60P.

The photo mentioned Five new colors, Brighter Super Retina, XDR, including electronic products, electronic products, product design, design, and branding.

▲ Key features of iPhone 13 series.

Compared with the iPhone 12, the iPhone series uses a brighter and larger proportion, and is equipped with the most efficient A15 Bionic processor in current smartphones, and a significantly upgraded dual-camera module. It provides Cinematic Mode shooting function with AI function, battery The endurance is also improved compared to the previous generation, and it has IP68 waterproof function.

120Hz screen iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro, price 32900 yuan, maximum 1TB capacity

In addition to the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, Apple certainly has released the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, which are the main professional customer groups. Compared with the iPhone 13 series, it not only has a more powerful full blood version of A15 Bionic, but also equipped with ProMotion technology. The 120Hz variable refresh rate panel not only brings powerful camera and recording functions through the A15, but also brings the ProRes recording function of professional video production to the iPhone for the first time, with a capacity of up to 1TB for consumers to choose.

The photo mentioned iPhone 13 Pro, From, $999, including iphone 3g s, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, product design, electronic products

▲ The iPhone Pro series offers capacities ranging from 128GB to 1TB.

The photo contains metal, product design, product, metal, design

▲4 colors.

The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will also be pre-ordered by Taiwanese consumers from the official website at 8pm on September 17th. They are available in Sky Peak Blue, Silver, Gold and Graphite, and the capacities are available in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB. The recommended price of the iPhone 13 Pro starts at 32,900 yuan/$999, the recommended price of the iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at 36,900 yuan/1099 dollars, and the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max is priced at 54,400 yuan.

The photo mentioned 1200 nits, 120HZ, True Tone, which is related to DR3, including display devices, digital display advertisements, display devices, brands, and products

▲ A major feature of the iPhone 13 Pro series is the support of 120Hz variable update rate

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max use 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR with ProMotion panels, respectively, and support variable refresh rate technology up to 120Hz. The maximum brightness of HDR is 1200nits. The standard maximum brightness is better than that of the iPhone 13 series. The previous generation is 25% higher, up to 1000nits, and of course it also provides DCI-P3 wide color gamut; at the same time, it also uses a 20% reduction in Face ID and a front camera module compared to the previous generation, reducing the screen groove/bangs to make the screen The proportion increased.

The photo contains mobile phone case, mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone case, cellular network

▲Emphasize that the new internal mechanism also increases the battery capacity.

Like the iPhone 13 series, the two iPhone 13 Pro models also adopt a new mechanism design. The frame is made of medical-grade stainless steel, which is wear-resistant and anti-corrosive. It also provides IP68 water resistance. The internal mechanism space is re-planned to increase the battery capacity. Compared with the previous generation, the battery life is also improved by optimizing the hardware and software. The iPhone 13 Pro is 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max is 2.5 hours longer than the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The photo mentioned ĆA15, 2 new high-performance cores, 4 new high-efficiency cores, including multimedia, product design, product, design, brand

▲ The A15 Bionic used in the iPhone 13 Pro series has better GPU performance than the iPhone 13 series.

Although the iPhone 13 Pro series uses the A15 Bionic processor at the same level as the iPhone 13 series, it also has a 16-core neural network processor with 15TFLOPS performance and a new generation of audio-visual codec and ISP, but the basic performance is further improved, except for the 6-core In addition to the CPU, the A15 Bionic GPU used in the iPhone 13 Pro series has also increased from 4 GPU to 5 GPU. In addition to the same 50% higher CPU performance than the Android flagship product, the GPU is further 50% higher.

The photo mentioned Macro, Night mode, ProRes video, including gadgets, electronic accessories, gadgets, product design, and mobile devices

▲ The three-camera system of the iPhone 13 Pro series is also upgraded with new photosensitive elements.

The three-lens module of the iPhone 13 Pro has also been upgraded in hardware. The wide-angle main lens has been upgraded to a 1.9 µm large pixel element, which is the largest sensor element in the history of Apple’s iPhone. Combined with an f1.5 large aperture, it is better than the iPhone 12 Pro. Increased the amount of light input by 2.2 times, and both iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone Pro Max have anti-shake technology for the displacement of the photosensitive element, which is no longer limited to the unique Pro Max model; in addition, the ultra-wide-angle element is also upgraded, with autofocus and 2cm Macro function, while having a larger f1.8 aperture; as for the telephoto lens, the new 77mm lens is closer to the portrait focal length of professional cameras. At the same time, A15 Bionic also brings a new generation of ISP to enhance noise reduction and color performance.

The photos mentioned SEMANTIC, RENDERING, and LIGHT MAP, which are related to Shochiku, including angles, stainless steel, tools, steel, and stainless steel trowels.

▲Multi-frame processing can provide more delicate color processing for different objects in the image.

At the same time, A15 Bionic’s neural engine also improves image processing performance. With the help of multi-frame image processing mode, it can intelligently analyze various objects in photos, including people and backgrounds, and adjust colors for different types of objects and scenery. Make the scenery more dazzling while maintaining the correct skin tone. Of course, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro also have Apple Pro Raw, LiDAR-based Deep Fusion and portrait lighting mode, and all lenses support night mode.

ProRes is mentioned in the photo, including screens, mobile phones, wallpapers, feature phones, and mobile phones

▲ The unique ProRes function of iPhone 13 Pro series.

Of course, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max also have the same Cinematic Pro mode as the iPhone 13 series. They also use A15 Bionic’s AI performance for automatic focus conversion, and can change the focus point during and after shooting; in addition, iPhone 13 Pro And iPhone 13 Pro Max also introduces the ProRes function for professional content creators. This is a brand-new professional video codec that can be used as a format for shooting professional advertisements, plots and broadcast channels, and emphasizes that it can provide more complete colors and less The compression is sufficient to meet the needs of professional film production and post-production. It advertises that the iPhone is currently the only smart phone in the industry that can provide end-to-end work retention, shooting, editing and sharing in Dolby Vision format or ProRes.

The photo mentioned 100% carbon neutral products by, 100% virgin wood fiber from, RESPONSIBLY, and Apple.  , Apple.Relevant, including Apple iphone 4, iPhone 4, Apple, product, product design

▲Emphasis on the use of environmentally friendly recycling and sustainable materials for the fuselage as much as possible.

Of course, Apple also emphasizes that the product itself emphasizes environmental sustainability, including MagSafe magnets that use 100% recycled rare-earth materials, and the solder of the main logic circuit board is 100% recycled tin. It is also the first time that this type is used in the soldering of battery management components. Recycled tin; the electroplating layer of the main logic circuit board and the wires connected to the camera also use recycled gold, and the box packaging eliminates the external plastic, which is expected to reduce the use of plastic by 600 metric tons.

Major revision of iPad mini: Support Type-C, second-generation Apple Pencil, priced at 14,900 yuan

Unexpectedly, Apple today also released a new and revised iPad mini in addition to the iPad. The content includes the use of Type-C interface, Touch ID, and the second-generation Apple Pencil, etc. The A15 bionic chip is used inside, which is compared with the previous generation. Will be able to improve up to 80% of the performance. This time, the iPad mini welcomes a major revision, and has many improvements in screen material, camera lens, and photography functions. The price is 499 US dollars, and the Taiwan price is 14,900 yuan.

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A picture to understand Apple iPad mini: USB Type-C interface, power button Touch ID, priced at 14,900 yuan

8.3-inch Liquid Retina display Touch ID integrated into the upper button

iPad mini is known for its portability and lightness. This revision retains the above features and maintains the same size, but adopts a full-screen design that extends the screen to 8.3 inches. The new version of the iPad mini uses a Liquid Retina screen, which has a higher pixel density, creating a more gorgeous and delicate color effect than the previous generation.

This new version of the iPad mini adopts a full-screen design, maintaining the same size but increasing the screen area, so it is necessary to reconfigure the position of Touch ID. The new version of iPad mini integrates Touch ID to the top, and users can unlock the screen, log in to the app, or complete Apple Pay through the Touch ID above.

8.3 mentioned in the photo

▲The new iPad mini maintains the same size, but the screen is extended to 8.3 inches.

The photos mentioned True Tone, Antireflective coating, 500 nits of brightness, which are related to the icon, including design, design, product design, display device, and brand.

▲Equipped with Liquid Retina screen, it can achieve 500nit brightness, wide color gamut and other effects, providing better color performance.

Touch ID is mentioned in the photo, including oranges, apples, iPhone 13, mobile phones, and iPhones

▲While increasing the screen range, the Touch ID location is also redesigned. The Touch ID of the new iPad mini and iPad Air are located on the same top.

The photo contains exhibition, product design, product, design, exhibition

▲Four new colors will be introduced, including pink, starlight, purple and space gray.

Equipped with A15 processor, Type-C transmission interface

The new version of iPad mini uses A15 processor internally, CPU performance will be increased by 40% compared with the previous generation, and GPU will also be increased by up to 80% compared with the previous generation. In addition, the new version of the iPad mini will be equipped with a Type-C interface, which is expected to provide up to 10 times the data transmission efficiency of the previous generation iPad mini, while also being able to obtain various Type-C interface transmission advantages.

Mentioned in the photo..., related to the Chicago Blackhawks, including oranges, small tablets, iPad, Apple, iPhone 12

▲The new version of iPad mini uses Type-C interface.

5G is mentioned in the photo, including design, display device, fashion, network, YouTuber

▲The new version of iPad mini can use 5G network services and is estimated to provide data download speeds of 3.5Gbps.

The camera lens is upgraded again, can shoot 4K videos, and is equipped with a character centering function

In order to meet the needs of modern people for video and film shooting, the new version of iPad mini has enhanced the functions of the front and rear lenses. The rear lens is equipped with a 12-megapixel sensor, a larger aperture, and is equipped with a True Tone flash. Shooting in the environment, and the HDR modification details brought by the A15 processor can also enhance the results of video or photo shooting under various light sources.

As for the front lens, the new iPad mini is equipped with a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle front lens, which can shoot 122-degree scenery at the widest. It is also equipped with the very popular character centering function on the iPad Pro, that is, the system will automatically detect the position of the character, and adjust the zoom and configuration of the screen. The iPad mini is also built for movie creators. It can record 4K movies, and it can be used with Type-C interface transmission to make it more convenient for creators at work.

The photo mentioned 12MP camera, Focus Pixels, f/1.8 aperture, including mobile phones, portable communication devices, mobile phones, Apple, iPhone 13

▲The rear lens specifications of the new iPad mini.

The photo mentioned 12MP Ultra Wide camera, 122° field of view, including website, conversation, product, brand, selfie

▲The front lens specifications of the new iPad mini.

Support second-generation Apple Pencil

One of the key updates of the new iPad mini is to support the second-generation Apple Pencil. It is also attached to the side of the iPad mini by magnetic attraction, which can achieve the functions of mutual pairing and charging at the same time. The second-generation Apple Pencil makes the iPad mini more handy in drawing and taking notes. It can directly circle the handwriting, accurately identify the content and copy and paste it.

The photo mentioned NOW DO HELICOPTERS FLY?, LIFT, elicen se, including gadgets, electronic products, gadgets, electronic machines, and meters

▲The new version of iPad mini supports the second-generation Apple Pencil.

Photos include mobile phones, small tablets, iPad Air, mobile phones, iPad Pro

▲Another accessory innovation is the protective cover of the new iPad mini, which offers 5 newly designed colors to choose from.

Prices start at 14,900 yuan in Taiwan

The new iPad mini is priced at a minimum of 14,900 yuan in Taiwan, and the model with Wi-Fi and mobile network is priced from 19,400. There are two configurations of 64GB and 256GB, pink, starlight, purple, and space gray. Kinds of colors. The new version of the iPad mini will be available for order in Taiwan in the future. It is expected to be officially sold in the United States and 28 other countries from September 24. The exact launch time for Taiwan has not yet been announced.

The photo mentioned Smart Folio covers, Touch ID, USB-C, and Apple.Related, including gadgets, Apple, iPhone 13, product design, gadgets

▲The updated specifications of the new iPad mini.

9th generation iPad: equipped with A13 chip, character centering function, starting at 10,500 yuan

Apple iPad launched the 9th generation, equipped with an A13 bionic chip, which is 20% faster than the old iPad, a new 12-megapixel wide-angle front lens, and the latest Cenrer Stage character centering function. Other specifications have continued. The previous old iPad had a single camera lens on the back, a right-angle cut edge design, a Lightning charging port, and the same 10.2-inch Retina screen size. It also supports the True Tone function, which can adjust the screen color temperature with ambient light.

Cenrer Stage character centering function supports 1st generation Apple Pencil

The Cenrer Stage character centering function introduced by the 9th generation iPad can automatically adjust the portrait to the middle when recording a movie, and automatically adjust the picture when other people join the picture. The same function can also be used in FaceTime. The old first-generation Apple Pencil and Apple Smart Keyboard can also be used. The second-generation Apple Pencil is not supported, and the buttons are also equipped with Touch ID function.

The 9th generation iPad will increase the capacity to 64GB. It comes in silver and space gray. The price is the same as the 8th generation iPad at US$329. The price of the iPad in Taiwan is NT$10,500, and the mobile network version is NT$14,500. The first wave is in The United States and 28 other countries are open for ordering, and the Taiwan launch date has not yet been confirmed.

Mentioned in the photo -THE TACTILE DOME, DESIENED AND vULT IN 7, MPLETELY DARK INSIDE-VISITURS MAVIGATE, including water, water, electronic products, electronic equipment
▲The 9th generation iPad only supports the 1st generation Apple Pencil.ĆA13, BIONIC, and Apple are mentioned in the photo.Relevant, including graphics, product designs, trademarks, brands, and fonts
▲The latest iPad uses A13 bionic chip.

The photo mentioned V, B, 20% faster, including electronic products, multimedia, mobile devices, mobile phones, and electronic accessories
▲Most of the specifications of the 9th generation iPad are not much different from the previous generation.

The photo mentioned TURANE BUTCHER, *ne uane o uncner mancnoon, playsa pivotal le in the only, including multimedia, mobile phones, mobile devices, multimedia, and iPhone
▲iPadOS has a lot of new features, such as Center Stage character centering function.

The stronger, larger, and longer-lasting Apple Watch S7 starts at 11049 yuan

Apple’s new Apple Watch S7 smart watch was officially released, and all aspects of performance have been improved, including the screen is 70% brighter than the previous generation, the watch frame is reduced to only 1.7mm, the screen is large enough to hold a full English keyboard, the surface is crack-resistant glass, and IP6X It is waterproof and dustproof (50 meters underwater) and the charging speed is 33% faster than the previous generation and has a battery life that can be used all day.

The size of Apple Watch S7 has been enlarged from 40mm to 41mm, and the 44mm version is enlarged to 45mm. It is made of aluminum alloy and available in 5 colors: black, gold, green, blue, and red. The price is the cheapest US$399 (about NT$11049) It will be officially released this fall. Next, let’s use pictures to illustrate the features of Apple Watch S7:

The photo includes mud, mud, ecological area, sand, and grass

▲Apple Watch S7 has IP6X waterproof and dustproof and WR50 can be used under water 50 meters.

Crack resistant is mentioned in the photo, which is related to the shell, including watch, product design, design, brand, and green

▲The panel glass of Apple Watch S7 has stronger anti-breaking ability.

TUE 14 is mentioned in the photo, which is related to Eindhoven University of Technology, including watch, mobile phone, alarm clock, watch, products

▲The screen of Apple Watch S7 is so big that it is closer to the frame, and the brightness is 70% higher than that of S6.

The photo mentioned <Xuan, 10:09, <Xuan, which is related to Vizio, including watching, watching, products, product design, straps

▲From the area of ​​reading messages, it can be seen that the screen size of Apple Watch S7 is larger than that of the previous generation, and the visible range exceeds 50% of S6.

The photos mentioned Cancel, Send, Cop, related to Sano, including watch accessories, mobile phones, watches, feature phones, phones

▲Apple Watch S7 has a complete English keyboard to enter text.

The photo includes hardware, headset, product design, headset, design

▲The charging speed of Apple Watch S7 is 30% faster than the previous generation, and it can be used for a whole day.

The photos include hardware, headsets, electronic accessories, product design, headphones

▲Apple Watch S7 has 5 colors, including black, gold, green, blue, and red to choose from.

10, 3PARS, ED are mentioned in the photo, including shoes, sports equipment, personal protective equipment, product design, and equipment

▲Of course, Apple Watch S7 has a Hermès watch ring available for purchase this time.

10, 12, and 09 are mentioned in the photo, including watch, watch, product design, product, watch strap

▲Apple Watch S7 will be on sale this fall, with an asking price starting at US$399 (approximately NT$11049).

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