iOS 15 Public Beta and Beta 2 Re-Release – Everything To Know

iOS 15 Public Beta 2 and iOS 15 re-released. iOS 15 is out and has additional features and changes in Beta 2 that I did not mention in the previous videos. Also, we go over the performance, battery life, stability, and more. We also talk about the iOS 15 Beta 3 release and iOS 14.7 Beta 4. #iOS15 #iPhone #apple

In this video I am using iOS 15 on iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro 12.9, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 Pro Max. This is an iOS 15 Public Beta 2, Beta 2 Re-Release and iOS 14.7 Beta 4 follow up review.

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:14 – International watch bands
00:44 – iOS 14.7 Beta 4
01:22 – iOS 15 Weather animations
02:10 – iOS 15 Fitness
02:27 – iOS 15 Photos
03:00 – Experience and Stability
03:50 – iOS 15 Bugs and Issues
05:44 – Heat
06:10 – Bluetooth
06:28 – Green Tint
06:46 – Performance
07:25 – Battery life
08:24 – Should you install iOS 15 Public Beta?
08:54 – iOS 15 Beta 3 Release Date
09:11 – iOS 14.7 Release
09:21 – iPadoS 15 Beta 2
09:54 – YouTube Community Poll
10:28 – Comments
12:58 – Conclusion
13:31 – Outro

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  1. Did you install iOS 15 and how's it going for you? Thanks for watching, it is always appreciated.

  2. my battery health is going down faster then usual on my 12 pro max ios 15 beta 2 why could that be?

  3. If I install this public beta then can I install official ios 15 when it releases or I have to go to apple?

  4. Zollo! How did you get a YouTube shorts icon on the bottom middle of your screen. Is that a beta or something exclusive to new iPhones? The time stamp is 12:10

  5. i have the 2021 12 Pro Max, running 14.7 how do i create the large widget that you have on your screen for the weather? i usually watch you on smart Tvs so i rarely comment! Thanks for your tutelage !

  6. Great video, thanks! Could you please share where to find that wonderful wallpaper??

  7. Location services still missing in Control Centre! Commmon Apple.. It is very annoying and awkward to go to Settings everytime or ask Siri to turn it on and off.

  8. It was on beta 1 and iris torta iPhone and then I was back in iOS 14.6 and then my Apple Watch said iPhone is out of date

  9. When I downgraded my iPhone to iOS 14 but my Apple Watch said that my iPhone is out of date

  10. Aaron, is the voice dictation more accurate on iPad Pro 2021 with on device voice recognition? Is it the 5 mic array Or the new software?

  11. Outdoor videos are a nice addition. I also just noticed the the text and graphics that introduce each new topic. A nice addition, and the text font, graphics and animation are all spot on!

  12. I’m now on a 12 Pro Max and it’s very stable in my opinion. Twitter quits when opening, and other than that I’ve had no issues like on the original iPhone X

  13. Hi Aaron! The UI when reading a book within the Apple Books app cannot be hidden since IOS15 and it's quite annoying. It even appears within the main screen of the app.

  14. There’s one issue with me with offline Siri. Whenever I ask Siri to do something not related to the iPhone, it’s in the normal British male accent which I set. When I ask Siri to do something related to the iPhone, (that triggers offline Siri) the accent is changed and I cannot even set or control that. In shortcuts, when I set “Speak text” Siri is having that same accent as offline Siri which I did not set and sometimes randomly also speaks in American Female accent when shortcut is triggered. If I change the accent in shortcuts, It does change and shows the correct accent but when I trigger it, it’s not the one I set. Idk if I can get my point across But please help thanks 🙂

  15. I’m having issues with text message notifications. I’m not getting notified via sound or vibration but it shows on my Home Screen, app, notifications center, etc.

  16. Whatsapp doesn't work !!! You didn't say in any video that you had to pay attention to that!

  17. It’s a shame I’m not really excited for iOS 15. There’s nothing I’ll really use at all. I like the weather app update but that’s really about it. Nothing excites me about this update. I enjoy the outside videos I think you should do some more outside videos

  18. Tried out the public beta on my iPad Pro 12.9 2020. Had many stock apps crashing, and a lot of audio issues when split screening with music and games with audio.

  19. Usually betas are stable and good to use by the 4th are 5th beta. That’s when a lot of the bugs are taken care of and most new features are there and working. Just disappointed that they still haven’t introduced spilt screen for IOS, it’s more the capable of doing it and that’s once thing I have always wanted for iOS. I’m hoping next year with iOS 16 they introduce that. I am happy they made a major update to the weather app it’s needed it for a long time. But if you wanna try iOS 15 public beta wait till beta 4 that’s usually when it’s useable and you don’t see many bugs.

  20. Do u even feel comfortable using the iPhone 12? Personally it’s HELL for me
    I’m going back to the 11 pro

  21. My iPhone 11 is having screen burnin issues even if its a lcd display and it goes away after a while im running ios 14.6

  22. I'm using Iphone 12 pro max 256 and watch series 6. On iPhone ios 15 beta 2 and on watch os 8. It's not possible to unlock the watch from the iPhone. Other wise i'm quite happy with this setup.

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