GOOGLE PIXEL WATCH: Not Even the Apple Watch Can Compete With This!

The upcoming Google Pixel Watch has the opportunity to dominate the smartwatch market, including the Apple Watch. So how can the Google Pixel Watch Dominate the Smart Watch Market? 🌎Take control of your search for Truth with Seekr: (ad)



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0:00 Intro
0:51 Updates on the Google Pixel Watch Rumors and Release Date
1:59 What would set the Google Pixel Watch Apart from Other Android Smartwatches
4:15 Seek out the truth with Seekr (ad) But seriously, it’s so good.
5:30 How the Google Pixel Watch Could Dominate the Smartwatch Market
7:52 Things Google Needs to Avoid to prevent the Google Pixel Watch From Failing

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  1. 🚨 QOTD: What do you think would help Google dominate the smart watch market and even take on the Apple Watch? What are you looking forward to in the Google Pixel Watch and what would mess it up for you? Mine would be battery life.
    🌎Take control of your search for Truth with Seekr: (ad)

  2. If they use Samsung chip in watch.., it will be laggy and unresponsive mess. They ruined tensor chip , bad performance as compared to same priced iPhone

  3. Legit, if you’ve never owned a Fitbit, you don’t know what you’re missing, it tracks everything and accurately records your workouts etc. the only downside is it not being a smartphone style watch with cool apps but if Google can blend those 2 elements then this watch will dominate

  4. Bought the 6 pro when it came out and switched off of Apple. Gave my old phone to my dad and I really miss my apple watch, so I'm excited to see what Google brings to the table!

  5. I'm really excited to try this! The user you described is totally me. 🙂 I have a fitbit for quite a long time, I thought about buying a smartwatch, but I don't like the rectangle design, sooo I thought about fossil – BUT it didn't have the fitbit options… Soo Google + Fitbit + Fossil = sounds like a perfect combo to me.

  6. I’m not confident buy this watch any point instead google fix it and make the pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro rock star.

  7. I wonder if it will be a "Fitbit Pixel Watch" as opposed to Google Pixel Watch and be centered around a round designed sense with a focus on health and some great assistant features. I do wonder if it won't run wearos but instead the Fitbit OS, this would likely give it a longer battery life. Google Pay and maps integration, iOS compatibility. I'm expecting a premium price with 6 months or a year of Fitbit Premium included. Ideally a 5g model. I'm expecting this to work well with a headset.

  8. If Apple watches support Android I would have been using apple watch only,
    I'm eagerly waiting for the Pixel Watch and 7Pro with no issues 😉

  9. It's all about testing, testing, testing. The Pixel 6 fingerprint reader was obviously not tested enough with users in different conditions.

  10. I really hope that we see the pixel watch/ pixel buds pro/ pixelbook2 this year I want a premium and complete Google ecosystem finally.

  11. I'd imagine if the pixel watch does well, they will likely launch an a series version at a cheaper price point.

  12. I have a galaxy watch 4 and a pixel 6 pro and I can track my sleep just fine is there a different sleep feature that I am missing?

  13. Seeing how they handled the pixel 6 and how wear os has been, not really loooking forward too pixel watch, or any wear os watch really

  14. Most Anticipated watch? Just like the pixel 6 pro was the most anticipated phone? How did that turn out🤔🤔🤔🤔 The best thing about the Apple Watch is competing fitness points with friends.

  15. If the goal behind the fitbit acquisition was improve upon whatever design Google already had for the first pixel watch, I think they have the chance to overtake Samsung.

  16. I probably wouldn't get one, I hike a lot so I'm planning on a Garmin Epix, however it would be awesome if they stole a lot of the market from Apple.

  17. Let's hope it's a polished software experience , because the pixel 6 was nothing but a disappointment 😭😭😭

  18. If it has wear OS, Fitbit and good battery then it's a winner for me. I'll wait for it to come out rather than getting a smart tracker now.

  19. Ever since smartwatches became a thing, all I've ever asked for is the ability to video chat from my wrist and you can have my money. Why is this not a topic with smartwatches?

  20. what the pixel needs to delivery
    – a full 2 days of battery
    – full service OS experience
    – Durable components
    -$300 sub price point

  21. I'd be excited if I wasn't worried about bugs. That totally killed my Pixel 6 Pro experience so much I went back to Samsung

  22. For me to buy It needs to have at least 2 days battery life if not more. My amazfit gtr3 does what I need it to and it monitors my heartrate every 10 minutes along with stress & o2 levels. It monitors my sleep all night and it lasts 2 weeks easy…and its even a thin watch. If the Pixel watch can't do that stuff and last 2 or 3 days I'll prob save my $ and wait on the amazfit gtr 4 before deciding.

  23. People just don't understand how good Google pixel phones are. The cameras are one of the best. I agree if they can do real good on the Google watch it would be a game changer. I own and use 3 Google pixel phones. Keep up the reviews. Thanks for this video.

  24. I started with a Huawei Android watch. Great watch, but became so slow after a few months. Plus the Sport perfomance of the heart rate monitor was terrible. Now i wear an Garmin watch because it is good in sports, and the smart part are good enough. But i can't wait for a Pixel watch that is both good with sports (Fitbit) and good with smart things

  25. Takes Google literally 4 years to come out with a watch? When we know the first iterations of things are usually not very polished. We will have to wait 10 plus years before a pixel watch could even possibly be on par with apple watch.

  26. Having been part of the horrible experiment of the Pixel Buds, I really hope this new watch isn't another test product Google is playing on us

  27. I'm enjoying the pixel 6 pro but it certainly isn't as polished as a Samsung. I hope the watch is better than their phones

  28. Even though I'm not a smart watch user, hopefully it's a big hit. If so, it will help push google to keep improving the pixel line.

  29. The Apple watch cant compete with the non-existant Pixel watch? Google can't make a Pixel phone without more bugs than could ever be imagined but you think they can nail it down with their first watch. Wow.

  30. I recently brought the GALAXY WATCH 4 and to me it's no different than the GALAXY WATCH ACTIVE 2 🤔

  31. Great video. Agree with you on the potential for the Pixel Watch (and all of your points). Well done.

  32. My money is on Pixel Watch integrating with Fitbit app….
    I'm REALLY hoping they're not going to make us wait for Fitbit app to eventually pixel integrate…

  33. Delays more likely to be because they do not want the release issues that the pixel 6 had. Rushed to release a non finished product which was very buggy and unlike Google.

  34. I would love for the Pixel Watch to be cross-platform, but will it be able to send and received iMessages? If not, then will it be a viable option for iPhone users?

  35. What watch would you recommend using with the pixel 6 Pro right now? I was currently waiting to see if a pixel smart watch was going to be introduced at Google I/o first before I bought a smartwatch

  36. I hope they can bring over some top apps like Nike run, Fiit, audible, balance, headspace elevate, Trainline. 🤞

  37. Excited about the watch, disappointed in the design. It looks tooo classic and limited to small fashion looks. Hopefully the rumor of 3 different types isn't the color but rather the actual design.

  38. One small, big problem here is apple allowing Google full api access to truly compete with the apple watch, without that the cross platform dream is dead from the get go…

  39. If google uses a thick rim or a bezel like all the other smartwatches, then its watch would be a fail ! What google must do is make an infinity display watch like series 7


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