Windows 11 Build 22000.100 – Teams Chat, Rounded Corners, Taskbar, Start, Store + MORE

We’re back with another build video! Today, we take a look at some of the big changes between build 22000.51 and 22000.100.

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  1. Pure garbage. From beginning to end.
    3:03 see that white flash? Everything else you show here, everything , is irrelevant when every time i open a window, i get my retinas burned.
    Rounded corners… wooo…

  2. that's odd, I'm using the build 22000.100 and I don't have things like rounded borders in some menus and the log off window have an old layout

  3. I was expecting some satisfying pop-up animation for the Microsoft Edge but I got flash banged instead…

  4. I see a lot of Windows running smoothly, but I have a delay in commands, weights and lag, why I don't know, is there anyone else with the same problem as me!

  5. the phone number thing is annoying as I have used my cell for a work account and now i cant use teams at home

  6. Wow, that looks really good, and really want to get my hands on the original version, thanks for the video, I've subscribed, have a nice day brother.

  7. I love that wallpaper, it looks amazing on Windows 11. I wish there was a link for it sadly ?

  8. man i feel like they should have rebuilt windows from the ground up, rn windows is standing on foundations of older versions

  9. Why pushing Teams when Skype is perfectly fine? Poor Skype. Anyway, why don't you show us the light theme. ?

  10. Yeah, I get it. Front end for Windows is just webapp. So, the main feature – did they already reimplemented small taskbar and noncombined taskbar buttons? Or I should wait more?

  11. the start menu's blur feels different compared to the others. also the settings app doesn't actually use blur, it's just your wallpaper (and because i use the wallpaper engine in general, it feels very weird)

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