Top 5 Best CPUs, Intel Steals AMD's Spot [April 2021]

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Video Index:
00:00 – Welcome back to Hardware Unboxed
00:48 – Best Entry-Level CPU: Intel Core i3-10100 or AMD Ryzen 3 3200G
03:01 – Best ‘Value’ All Rounder Desktop CPU: Core i5-11400 or 11400F
05:03 – Best High-End Gaming CPU: Core i7-10700/F or Core i9-10900/F
07:47 – Best Value Productivity CPU: Zen 3 Ryzen 9 or Intel Core i9-10900/F
09:02 – Best Extreme Desktop CPU: 3rd gen Ryzen Threadripper
10:24 – Final Thoughts

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Intel Stealing AMD’s Thunder, Top 5 Best CPUs 2021

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  1. I always buy the CPU with onboard graphics, its a great backup in case your graphics card buggers up and you have to send it in under warranty.

  2. I thought amd was cheaper? What happened? This is what I was saying years ago if a company becomes the best they will charge the most.

  3. Steve you gain some weight.. Glad to see it after 2 years i didn't see all tech channel anymore

  4. 10400F is very low in price same with Z490 boards. I've got a build that destroys Ryzen 5 3600.

  5. Is there a reason that this video is not in the Top 5 Best Playlist? Maybe because of the Intel MB Power stuff? Or did you just forget to add it?

  6. I'm planning to upgrade from my R3 3100 to the 5600x. I mostly do gaming and light editing. Would it be a substantial upgrade? The cpu prices are starting to drop in my country so i really want to take advantage of it because it might go up again.

  7. I have a ryzen 5 3600 paired with a rx 5600 but while streaming and gaming at the same time my frames get completely trashed. If I get an ryzen 7 5800 will that be a good upgrade and help me with my problem?

  8. For 3060 ti , Which woill be the best value matching CPU ,10700 k or 11700K ?
    Or 11600k would be better for gaming for GPU limitation ?

  9. Waiting on testing results, someone out there, as I'm considering upgrading my Ryzen 2700X to a 5800X or 5900X part (with suitable bios upgrade). Currently running a Gigabyte X470 Gaming 7 Wifi board with Bios F51(AM4 would need to upgrade to Bios F61a (AM4 AGESA ComboV2 PatchA) to drop in a 5000 series CPU. Not sure if I'd be able to still run the 2700x after upgrading the BIOS.

  10. 11900k is a trash launch and the 5600x and 5800x are just terrible values. $300 and $450 for a 6 and 8 core CPU in 2021…

  11. Can a B560 board be used with the i9-10900? And any recommendations on a budget/midrange board?

  12. So you say that if i buy i5 11400f and put it in b560ds3h I have to overclock motherboard to support 3200mhz ram??

  13. The situation sucks. AMD is overpriced and/or not available, intels performance is mediocre but at least available and in the lower price classes good value. AMD sucks, greedy as intel without goods to sell.

  14. If AMD comes up with 5600 non x at 250 usd price point, it'll be an extremely fatal move PR wise. Would ruin the hard earned "value gamers friendly" title within seconds.

    AMDumb , still haven't released a replacement for R5 3600(18k inr /240$) in the price range , Ryzen 5 5600x is selling for 28k inr(370$)

    Intel 14nmGang released i5 11500(253$)(yes 11500 , No fkin 11400 or 11400f for best value ) . But WAIT!! where would you plugin in the cpu, WALL SOCKET???? , Apparently you have to cuz there's no H510 or B560 motherboard available in market yet.

  16. So basically Intel is now the budget brand. Wow who would have seen this coming in only 3 years

  17. Ryzen not competitive in performance back in 2017? Eh? In gaming sure but the performance was that of the $1000 plus intel x99 chips for half the price. Maybe I misunderstood something here, love the content as always Steve.

  18. I don’t know hardware unbox is about to lose a sub. I don’t agree with supporting a company who for years profited off of everyone by doing nothing but sitting on their hands but now they price cut some shitty parts to begin with so that it’s maybe not as shitty to your wallet and it’s “hey let’s all go left now, nothing about their history says they’ll take our money and rape us all over again”

  19. Guys… its May (already) 2021 … at least myself, I'm still suffering from the move into AMD's from intel/Nvidia and the terrible driver support for AMD's … I cannot imagine this is a minor nor a minority thing out there … the USB issues on the x570 platform .. .the fact that their software overclock doesnt work as it should, etc…. …I literally need to rely on MSI's afterburner, e.g. …. this stuff needs to be better documented in the news … If I had knew about all these issues I probably wouldn't have bought these systems …. isnt worth the extra points in benchmarks …..

  20. So… even though the Ryzen 5000 chips are better, the Intel 10th Gen/11th Gen chips have better value because they're simply available & cheaper?

    I mean… I'm not sure how AMD is supposed to compete within those parameters right now. Intel can make their own silicon, while AMD is stuck in the same resource situation as nVidia. Intel, meanwhile, released a generation of chips that are inferior to their own previous entries, let alone the current generation of competition… and they're skating by because they have essentially a pandemic-proof manufacturing infrastructure.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't situation for AMD, I guess. Spent all those years lagging behind Intel, and now that they have a better product, it doesn't mean anything because they can't supply enough stock.

  21. 3900X and 3950X are also good productivity CPUs. You may also consider 10850K for high end CPU.

  22. You think AMD would get it because the overwhelming majority of people don't build a 10900k or 5950x system for gaming. These are literally the customers that kept AMD afloat through the Piledriver and Bulldozer days. Now they're trying to strongarm customers to their higher priced SKUs which I consider a huge middle finger to the fans that supported them through a decade of crap products. Flagship bragging rights only bring people to the brand but don't sell in volume. If you don't have affordable mid and low tier in volume you're shooting yourself in the foot. For every Threadripper or 5950x AMD sells Intel is selling 50 i7s and 100 i5s cause they can actually make them. Value and volume will always destroy sky high margins for top performance. Lamborghini will never outsell Ford and even that comparison isn't fair cause Lambos have no margin due to their exotic materials used.

    AMD might be edging out Intel in performance but Intel's foundry is annihilating AMD's TSMC allocation. If AMD had stuck with Global Foundries it would have been profitable for GF to finish it's 7nm instead of killing it off and AMD would have had more supply instead of competing with the tons of other TSMC customers. Zen3 is a huge success but it's availability makes AMD still look like amateurs. I honestly expect Intel to gain marketshare again this quarter cause AMD is focusing on consoles over PC enthusiasts and if I know anything about Sony I bet AMD's margins on those APUs are razor thin.

  23. 10600k for 200 bucks was a no brainer for me, great stock, better with motherboard enhancement settings, and more performance left to get from a fine memory tuning and oc when i need it 👌🏻 (still team red fan though)

  24. tOP 5 bEST cpuS, iNTEL sTEALS amd'S sPOT [aPRIL 2021] 😁

  25. im confused now, 5600x is power efficient or ipc improvements than intel 10 gen and 11 gen products isn't this be in ur account for cpu recommendations

  26. Boooeeeeeee Steve !! 😒 ..for not mentioning the i9 10850K, I know almost same performance as his big brother "the 10900k" but at least mention it is much cheaper, more available and has almost identical performance! The 10900k owners just pays only for the name and +100mhz base/boost clock.

  27. Plzz I need 10600k and 11600k overclocked results and also the vanilla 11700 performance

  28. Here in the UK overclockers have had both 5900x and 5950x in stock for a couple of months.

    Ebuyer has the 5950x and expects the 5900x in a week

  29. AMD are really wasting their lead. I had my mind set on a Ryzen 9 5900X for my high-end gaming rig, but due to the supply constraints and the non-competitive price-tag vs. the i9-10850K, I went with the Comet-Lake i9, instead. I have no regrets, because I saved A LOT of money and I'm getting basically the same gaming performance.

  30. Happy with my 5600X but even happier to see competition in the space. If I were to get a CPU now with infinite supply, my choice would be the 11400F.


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