iOS 12 Chimera jailbreak essential tool is here!

Chimera jailbreak, which was launched not long ago, has included the A12 equipment and brought a brand new Sileo store. However, the things that have just come out are always unsatisfactory. It is definitely inevitable that some problems will arise during use. All that can be done is to wait for the Electra jailbreak team to update and fix.

Once a new version of the tool appears, it is also more troublesome to update, but recently Xiaozhi found on the Internet that there is a simple way for the god to provide a jailbreak update for Chimera, so that everyone can be more toolless without any trouble.

First install the ReProvision tool and add the plugin source to the Sources option at the bottom of the Chimera jailbreak tool:

After the addition is successful, search for ReProvision.

After the installation is complete, you will see the [ReProvision] APP on the main screen of the iOS device. After clicking Enter, you can enter the Apple ID account used for automatic re-signing.

Then install the shortcut to update Chimera jailbreak. The specific usage method is not repeated here. Everyone should know:


After adding the relevant shortcuts, click to enter the shortcut APP, you will see the [Update Chimera] option. After clicking, the relevant shortcut will start running and automatically download the latest Chimera jailbreak ipa file to the device, it will automatically open after the download is completed. ReRevision tool to reinstall, click [INSTALL] to install the new version of Chimera.

After the ReProvision installation is complete, click the [x] in the upper left corner to close.

Once the process is complete, the ipa file is automatically re-signed via the Apple ID. The update does not remove the Chimera APP on the iOS device. It automatically removes the old file after the update and installs the new Chimera APP.

All the processes are probably the same as above. If you encounter a little difference in the operation process, you can understand it if you study it a little.

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